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4 Years Predator, Now Another.

absolado trx sg db

After 4 years, my Adidas Predator decided to do some talking (I tore the frontal part). 3 months of intense searching, I finally found the “jinjang-est” (glaring) replacement, an Adidas Predator called Absolado.

You might have seen this a few years ago, it was worn by Beckham. I did plan on getting the Magnesium stud, but after some thoughts and fear of the rugby regulation, I decided not to. I am not bless with sports talent, I rely mostly on my sprinting ability. Thus, I needed a boot for “soft ground”, which has lesser and sharper studs compared to normal boots. This is important so I don’t lose traction each time I change pace. I need this babe to help me coach the mckk boys next year.

Long ago, this would cost a bomb, somewhere between RM500 – 750. Thanks to the great warehouse sale, I managed to STEAL this one for RM120 (I only wished they had it in black). They do have other sports apparel too. If you’re interested, I’d be happy guide you. I mapped it on GoogleMap , along Jalan 27F. The sale will be until year end (or so I was told).

In my shoe rack, I have 9 shoes (including 3 futsal, 2 outings, 2 work and 2 jogging). I wear them equally. Plus this, I have 10.. imagine, every weekend waxing these shoes, aahh… such ecstasy.

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