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4 Minutes To Save the World

4 Minutes To Save the World
This has very little connection with Madonna’s latest single, featuring JT.

Let me pop the question, if you were given 4 minutes to save the world, how would you do it?

For a start, I work from home, please envy me! I get to see my youngest brother everyday when he got off from school. Among the things that we do is, sharpen his math skills. He did tell me he wanted to be a scientist, and math comes in close relation with Science.

5x + 8y = 60, y=5, what is the value of x? (answer: x = 4)

or much harder question like

2x + y = 4, x + y =2, find x & y (answer: y=0, x=2)

That’s considerably tough for a 10 year old. But I managed to find a way to capture his interest. It comes to a point where he said, ‘Abg [1. Abg: abang; a common calling for elder brother], I had enough for today’. Often I ask him to do one last question before wrapping up. Since bribing ice cream doesn’t work anymore, I offer him ‘4 minutes to save the world’. He gladly took up my offer.

4 Minutes To Save the World
Play the the theme song ‘4 minutes to save the world’

Some place in New Mexico, Beta (NH) and Charlie (NH’s youngest brother) plans to save the embassy from a terrorist attack.

Beta : Are you ready bro? We’re going to save the world in 4 minutes.
Charlie : Roger! Let me arrange my weapons first.

4 Minutes To Save the World
KGB on the move! He’s carrying a bloody hand grenade like sweet bun!

4 Minutes To Save the World
Taliban and Taipei Guerrilla joined forces to strengthen the terrorist team.

4 Minutes To Save the World
Beta : I see them! SHOOOOOOT, kill them ALL!
Charlie : I’ll be hiding my armor, Beta! Shoot all you want!

4 Minutes To Save the World
This is one sneaky fella is trying to snipe us.

4 Minutes To Save the World
Charlie : Beta, there’s one on your 3 ‘0 clock!
Beta : Roger that. DIE. KILL. DIE.

4 Minutes To Save the World
Beta : Change to rifle, we’re going mobile! Follow me.
Charlie : Ladies first, be careful bro..!
Beta : Ladies? I don’t recall any Ms. Rodriguez[2. Michelle Rodriguez was the girl the movie SWAT] in our team!?

4 Minutes To Save the World
Meanwhile the terrorists are searching for a place to plant the bomb.

4 Minutes To Save the World
What we feared most happened! Terrorist planted the bomb next to the embassy.

Charlie : The clock is ticking Beta!

4 Minutes To Save the World
Beta : With my Rambo like machine gun, I can kill them all without taking my shirt off [3. In Rambo, Slyvester Stalone did not take his shirt off like First Blood, Rambo II and Rambo III]!
Charlie : Please, don’t make obscene scenes around here.

4 Minutes To Save the World
Charlie : Beta! I’m shot, I’m dying, I can see the tunnel … It’s so bright!
Beta : Shhhh! Don’t talk! My sexy Belluci[4. Monica Bellucci appeared in Tears of the Sun] meds unit will come and treat you
Charlie : Bro, you have less than a minute to save the world!
Beta : Aaaah! I almost forgot!

4 Minutes To Save the World
Few seconds later, Beta found the bomb.
Beta : Time is running low, red, blue or rainbow? Which one do I cut?

4 Minutes To Save the World
Tebabooo!@#%&* I guess A web developer can’t defused a bomb save the world after all.

And the drama cycle continues for another hour, every weekdays, without fail. Not unless I have outside meetings.

Charlie : Can I be a terrorist next round?
Beta : No! We’re here to save the world.
A gentle reminder by a gentle elder brother *wink*wink*puppy eyes*

To those who reached here by Google looking for Madonna’s latest single, you can download it here.

Sorry for the bad screen play.

ps: The game is Counter Strike on de_dust map.

pss: Show some love by spending a little bit more time with the young ones. I’m sure it’ll make a hell lot difference โžก

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lorh.. bg gule2? bg la ubat ke? sb i cari ubat dkt office takde la. yang ada ubat lipas, ubat nyamuk ngan ubat gigi je. hehe~ I can see that you mmg blogger yang agak aktif di NH ni. Sorry to say la, I takde blog pun [stay low je]. Me like parasit only tumpang kat blog org. One of them is my cousin’s blog ni la. Haha~ ๐Ÿ™‚

ohh. just happen dia menang kuiz at my blog hari tu. (sebab tu dia dapat hadiah. as promised ๐Ÿ™„ and i linked his blog to mine. that’s all)

kalau tumpang at others blog, kena bayar commission ๐Ÿ˜€ (ohh. i sound like an auditor already ๐Ÿ˜† )

ubat? err ๐Ÿ™„ saya auditor laa. bukan doktor.

penat dah nak cakap ๐Ÿ˜›

AyUmi’s last blog post..:: The Pieces Donโ€™t Fit Anymore ::

hehe~ i see. i know he won the first prize dlm pop kuiz hari tu. Kene bayar komisen ek? hurm kalau nak tumpang blog u kene bayar bape? owh ok. i better seek a doctor la. [NH alwiz dream to be with a doctor]. haha~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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