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3 Characters of a Modern Man

A few years back, you’d be called a queer if you apply facial moisturizers. Now, you have day and night cream FOR MEN! Though I feel it’s a bit of vain, but looking good does uplifts your inner confidence. Though this may be thought of superficial, but beauty pays as noted by few articles I read early of the year.

But what does it mean to be a modern man? Now this is worth exploring. There are a few character a modern man should have.

1. Look After His Health

One of the most overlooked aspect is the need to be healthy. We think eating 2 plates of rice is healthy, it’s not. It increases chances of obesity. We never bothered about calori intake, knowing our daily limit and satiety level. Smoking was cool and manly, but it brings more harm than good.

Though we do occasional sports weekly, but it’s not enough to burn off the banana fritters we have every tea break.

A modern man is not as fit as professional sports man or as muscular as body builders, but good enough to have lesser problem of getting up quickly and be active moving around. Staying in shape has its’ perks. I don’t have to tailor made my suit to attend my wife’s graduation, I got them off the shelve.

3 Characters of a Modern Man 1

(I have no idea why my father in law was glaring that way. LOL)

2. Strive For Efficiency

Time is a commodity that everyone has but wants more. Modern man strives for efficiency by multi tasking. This includes shaving while in the shower, having breakfast while reading rss feeds, texting while commuting etc. Some multi tasking proves to be more damaging than good. For instance, BBM while in a meeting. Not only it shortens the memory span, it also demeaning and disrespectful to others.

Multi tasking can be balanced using smarter gadgets. The use of SWYPE on Android enables one hand smart phone operation again. I’ve found mine in the Philips Aqua Touch AT 940. I could shave in shower without having to look at the mirror. Of course all these small detail takes a while to master, but once you get the hang of it, it’s like cycling downhill.

3 Characters of a Modern Man 2

3. Hygienic & Recycles

Modern or not, cleanliness is the numero uno. In fact the teaching of Islam’s emphasis a lot on being clean. This includes, personal and external hygiene. While being clean is important, you do not waste tissue paper wiping the table, waste water while washing car, throws away empty bottles recklessly onto the streets or do anything for your personal gain.

3 Characters of a Modern Man 3

Fact: 15% of Plastic bottle is recycled in Malaysia. (that’s very low)

By virtue of being modern, we must always put others before us. In doing so, we help build a better future for our kins. I believe in nobility of humanity. As 9gag would put it, “Faith in Humanity Restored”.

ps: Took me a while to get this up. Partly due to lack of internet access and time, as I am re-exploring the city of Melbourne for the 4th time.

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