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28 Years Old of Pure Awesomeness

While catching up the Big Bang Theory (from season 1), I told my wife, “normally, guys with high IQ have low EQ, much like Sheldan Cooper” (one of the character in the series). She replied, “you’re not too far off yourself.”

I guess she is right. I am insensitive (very often), when I joke, I hurt people. I can’t tell whether people are being sarcastic or plain straightforward. I lack social quality and understanding. And most blogging friends I know, thought I was one hell of an ASS HOLE before they met me. Maybe my writing suggests so.

High IQ or EQ, which is better? Personally, I believe everyone was created equal. High or low, it doesn’t really matter as long as you respect and treat each other right.

Today, marked my 28th birthday. I have a beautiful and wonderful wife. My in-laws are great people. My family are awesome. I have all the gadget a geek wants. Financial freedom and most important of all, very good in health. I don’t know what to ask more other than lower housing price (beyond my control), a new car (Honda CRZ yo!) and my families fit as a fiddle.

28 Years Old of Pure Awesomeness 1

My wife got me an iPad2 cover, so thoughtful! All this while, I was using an iPad1 casing a gift from a friend. To buy a new one, it’ll probably cost RM 150-RM 250 (I don’t get iPad 2 case, it costs an arm and leg!), it always appears non-sense to me. Anyway, she got me a red leather, we got it at Subang Parade for RM 128. I have to say, it’s a STEAL, normal price RM238. I know, because I wanted to distribute the brand in Malaysia. Here’s the screen capture from Lelong Malaysia.

28 years old is not the years of being awesome, it’s the years filled with sins, vengeance, hatred or enviousness. I am sure I have done plentiful sins directly or indirectly to you. With this, I would like to apologize for my bad behavior. I am sorry if I ever was an asshole, I hope you forgive me before it’s too late.

As always, thank you for your wonderful wishes. I hope God blesses you what you wished me.

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4 replies on “28 Years Old of Pure Awesomeness”

so its ur bday? happy bday Edwin. honestly masa belum kenal ko (just dgr citer dr Bye je) aku rs ko mmg hampeh hahaha.sbb bye kata ko

tp sekali jumpa live wow kurus bergaya.hahaha. dan tidaklah se”jahat” mcm ayat2 ko dlm blog.LOL.

jgn marah.aku jujur.hhehehe.semoga bahagia selalu dgn wife.amin. 😀

thanks for the wish.

Mmg aku hampeh! Hahaha garang nak mampus kot dulu. Bile dah dewase, aku pikir2 balik, garang2 kt org pon tak gune.

Sekarang dah naik a few kilos dah. You too enjoy your KR. Hehehe

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