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21As for SPM, The New Record of SPM

From HarianMetro, A boy recently broke the national SPM record by scoring 21As 😯

What did he eat? How did he manages his time? What’s his IQ level? Did he drool on his books? God, tonnes of questions to bombard this kid. Anyway, congratulations 👿

Advice From NH : Stop study, go buy a PS2.

ps : 21 subjects presumably all SPM subjects, so what now? Every degree as well? 😈

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23 replies on “21As for SPM, The New Record of SPM”

maybe.. nanti mesti ada record sorang students ambik banyak minor courses..

aiYok.. ada kualiti ke ni?
tahun ni syia rase paling ramai juniors dapat A’s..

syia’s last blog post..spell it

I said it before, I say it again. Malaysian are obssesed with grades man. All these As…buat apa? Bukan dia boleh major bebanyak pun. Buang mas, buang duit, buang tenaga…damn overachiever.

But then I wouldnt know bout grades coz I’m artsy. We artsy people dont care bout such things 😛

Congrats to the kid though and oh btw, loving your blog. very refreshing and witty.

constant drama’s last blog post..Goddamn rempits

masa aku baca pasal budak ni kat Utusan, aku macam: “tolonglah! nak buktikan apa ambil banyak subjek?” bukan je malaysia, tapi orang malaysia ni sangat suka dengan nombor 1. semua nak diatas, nak jadi pertama. apa yang kita nak buktikan sebenarnya? nak buktikan malaysia boleh? masing-masing mengejar satu sama lain untuk berada di atas. mula2 17, lepas tu 19, lepas tu 21. pelik pelik. lepas ni budak tu nak buat apa? ambil engineering, architechure, medic dan law? hah! buatlah!

(panas pula hati aku. emosi. haha)

Not really, I know a guy who earns 4K plus with a diploma 🙄

Apparently most MBA is 100% coursework.

Sadly most engineers never use what they learned in University.

well 1st and 4most i would like to say congratulations to him if im not too late to say that..well, instead of taking too many subjects 4 spm…4 me,its good!!
why im saying that??you know,,he is from skolah agama in kedah rite if im not mistaken…n the extra subjects that he took to seat 4 spm mostly were agama’s subjects.
come on wawa,,think it tho,he can apply it what he had learned from the subject into his life,,,accurately,his daily life..
okey,,im not trying to condemn u…but,it is true he is trying to proof that malaysia boleh!!and of coz malaysia boleh!
why not we just support him to gain success 4 his life…and at d same time,he proves that org melayu pon hebat!!
okey,,plz,,dont underestimate “bangsa sendiri”..

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