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100 Year Old Voters in General Election


thanks to xfahmix for the update.

It’s rare to find 100 years old in Malaysia. Is this true or just Ghost voters? Hmmm 😈

You can check at the SPR website by entering these numbers 080122914882, 070423100147, 000614050564 & 000309080898 ❗

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9 replies on “100 Year Old Voters in General Election”

Macam mana nak dapat. NH dah salah taip no IC diorang. Cuba bandingkan gambar dengan no IC yang NH tulis. Satu jer sama, lain seme tak sama… (sori bro NH) Aku dah cek, semua ada.

For me, I don’t think they’re Ghost voters. Cuma yang ada, pemilih yang dah mati, tapi namanya belum dipotong.

Tu yang bikin panas tu. Bagi aku, SPR tak cekap.

BTW, thickbox mana ek? Apa gunanya?

okok, gua dah betulkan balik. rupenye tak cukup 0 kt depan.. ciss.

tatau la kalau dorg ni dah past away ke tak. dulu ade kes budak 13 tahun bole undi.

agaknye kerajaan igt kite bute IT kot 🙄

I got more of it here dude. More than 40 possible phantom voters. Not to mention, we now have more residents that are 100 years old or older, surpassed Okinawa, city of longest-lived people in the world. Well, just maybe these people are dead by JPN never clean it up from their database and SPR never delete the names. But that shows SPR really inefficient in doing their job. How hard is it to do an independent audit on the database? Damn, SPR really think we Malaysians so dumb.

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