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10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress – Smashing Magazine. Sweet nifty trick for WordPress! I’ve never tried this before.

I’ve been wondering for ages, how do I save links that I like and post it directly on my blog. I’ve finally found my way 😉

  1. Drag “Press This” (found in WP Admin > Tools > Tools) to your Browser’s Bookmark bar. It will appear as “Press This”
  2. Go surf the web.
  3. On your bookmark bar, click “Press This”
  4. A popup window will appear along with Editor tool.
  5. Write some gibberish (like this) and hit “Publish”
  6. Tadaa~ Awesome stuff.

Happy “Press This” people.

ps: Jgn salah press sudah.


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  1. How to use it to insert multiple links into one post? Is it possible?

  2. wow…bagus2….aku dah buat, and couldnt believe how simple it is. thanks beb.

    ps: but i tested with this post’s title, so it appeared exactly the same as yours hehe… plagiarism granted? =)

  3. thanks for information. that nice to try. press it. hehe

  4. thanks for sharing, that nice. i will try it. anyway thanks again. press it. 🙂

  5. thanks for the tip. i’ll try to apply it later. thanks againl

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