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10 Tips to Lose Weight

Everyone married has warned me before, you’ll gain weight once you get married. I thought that was just some cheap tactics to scare people from joining hearts. Turns out they were right.

I did weight. Before marriage, my waist is about 32-33 inch. I was comfortable wearing 34 inch pants. My weight was 70-72 kg and that was 2 years ago. Today, I am 76-77 kg and my waist line is 34-36 inch. I am shy to say this, but I’m fat! It’s time I do something about it. You can check this supplement to obtain the best results quickly and have a healthy body.

10 Tips to Lose Weight


I am doing 6 of the things above.

1. Walk – Whenever I have the time, I’d walk. Parking somewhere further than the entrance helps too.

3. Breakfast – It’s something I learn not to do since school. Because breakfast food sucks in boarding school.

6. Outdoor – I try to go out a lot, shopping malls, offices, see customer and not be desk bound all the time.

8. Weigh Daily – I do this to track my bowel movement.

9. Stop Drinking Soda – It is the biggest contributor to daily calorie intake daily. I do occasionally have it every now and then, more like once a week.

10. Eat Fruit – Something that I dislike peeling fruits, but eating is no problem.

So what’s your secret to weight loss? Share through the comment below 😉

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