Zarina Ann Julie, Seksi pon Nak Kecoh?

Sorry, you won’t find any pictures of Zarina Ann Julie  here. Unless, you’re good with cache.

In all honesty, why are we making so much fuss?

Deeds or sins, it’s really up to God. It’s not for mere humans to decide. She favored her way of dressing, so be it! She doesn’t need another mom, to tell her what’s right or wrong. I just couldn’t comprehend why there’s so much fuss about this.

Just admit it, you like seeing slutty and alluring babes. And Zarina Ann Julie is definitely one.

I rather worry about Neil Amstrong’s fake landing on the moon then these silly headlines.

ps: From forwarded emails. Apelah, gambar seksi pon nak kecoh ➡

pss: I think we’re just tired of the local political drama.

101 Comments on “Zarina Ann Julie, Seksi pon Nak Kecoh?

  1. dosa pahala diten2 kan oleh yg maha kuasa..
    kita xde hak nak ten2 kan
    sekadar menegur x mengapa
    jgn sampai tercalit juga dosa kpd kita..
    (dosa mengumpat/mengata) 😕

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  2. Aku rasa sbg muslim, gambar2 sexy ker , nude ker, tak perlu nak forward2. Aku kalu dapat gambar artis yg sexy aku terus delete je.tak payah share buat tambah dosa kering kat kita je. diaorg berpakaian sexy diaorg tanggung, kite pegi sebarkan buat apa??!!…hehehhe only my 1cent..

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