You’ve Got a Friend in Me

3 more days, NH will meet it’s first birthday.

I’ve tried many times to stop, somehow my readers superseded my ill motive. Related post.

What is NH to you? A news bell? Your rambling site? Source of inspiration? Some ego hungry dude acting all mighty? Someone you like chasing in the dark? Same train of thoughts? Some place you can agitate for fun?

What is NH to me? Like I said earlier, it’s a shrine.

NH is supposed to be a blog for the broken hearted. Someone who could never seek solace from their best-ies. An injured soldier, crawling for medic in a foreign land. Or left alone in the far corner of the darkest room, crying for an unheard help.

I wanted to capture my life, specifically comebacks. I’d imagined NH wrapping his shoulder around me, dragging my feet when I refused to walk. Feed me when I refused to eat. Knock my head when I’m being silly. Most importantly, accompany my sleepless nights.

NH made me realize, how important to have friends. How two heads are better than one. How cruel the world can be. How to forgive and forget. How to reach out when you’re a mess.

Thanks to you, I can now get up and start walking again, slowly but surely.

So long old friend. I finally have the guts to turn my back on you.

ps: I’ve told you many times, Eddie, Edwin, NH are 3 different characters although the same person.

pss: Cehs? You’re just envy you can’t split yourself.

psss: For those who understood, congrats.

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