YouTube To Blame For Immoral Acts

Kosmo wrote the other day, ‘You Tube’ dorong seks bebas. This is stupid. Dr. Ruziaton Hasim claimed that YouTube is the cause of teens’ moral downfall.

Doctor, have you ever visited YouTube? Do you know what YouTube is? Simpler question, do you even have an internet access?

FYI Doctor, YouTube does not allow porn nor cruelty videos to be published on the site. If there is, users will ‘flag it’ or it will require you to confirm you are 18 to watch.

The YouTube you mentioned is probably YouPorn, RedTube or PornTube.

For the record, I am not on YouTube’s side (acquired by Google for USD2 Billion). I just despise blows below the belt. You as a so called Doctor should have studied this in great detail, rather than accusing YouTube blindly.

If you still want to point fingers, you have the following options;

  • Blame our Education system for failing to teach the essence of moral
  • Blame Mimos/MCMC/MOSTI/TMNET/JARING/MISC for failing to restrict porn sites
  • Blame teens for their curiosity over other/same sex and their raging hormones
  • Blame parents for not monitoring their kids internet activity
  • Blame Sabul Yahoo Groups and likes of it for distributing 3GP files.
  • Blame all the above.

You see now? Malu tak? This would’ve been a better article compared to Kosmo‘s.

 ps: That being said, YouTube

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