Your Miss Malaysia, Levy Li Su Lin

Enough bitching about who sodomized who and I’ve had it with Malaysian politic. I will be writing about it on a lower capacity or shall cease, if my tempted wicked mind permits.

Anyway, let me present to you, Miss Malaysia 2008. Watch the video.


Here’s some excerpts (comments) published at YouTube.

  • Yaaake..shut up..disguuusssting
  • hey, whats up with the accent??
  • Is she a transsexual?
  • do you think we are bunch of kindergarten kids?

Frankly speaking, I’d prefer Hannah Tan anytime.

We have a stupido PM, who called bloggers, traitors. And a weird girl for Miss Malaysia both to partake in this ‘thing’ we call globalisation. Still not ashamed you’re Malaysian? She’s your miss Malaysia, not mine.

Note to all Malaysian girls: it’s never about looks, it’s about brains.

ps: Pun intended. So buckle up.

pss: Both of them probably suffer from brain damage.

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