Your Blog Sucks

 Your Blog Sucks

Why, thank you.

After 4 hours of reading my previous postings, I’ve come to realised, I derailed from my main objectives. I am supposed to be cynical, unlikable and wicked. I’m gonna hate myself for this.

A dear friend of mine shared a serious conversation.

Friend N: You know what’s your problem?
NoktahHitam: No. Lay it out.
Friend N: You’re a nice guy pretending to be dark and wicked.
NoktahHitam: What made you say that?
Friend N: Come on dude, I’ve known you more than 12 years.
NoktahHitam: Shut up.

I guess the wicked side of me mellowed or I grew wiser. Either way, I really wish I’d have that impulsive writing back. Knocking on my keyboard relentlessly, deleting half of it and publish it without fear.

Time has changed. I’m an adult now  ➡


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. There is nothing wrong with it bro. I still like your blog tho..

    The older u r the wiser u’ll b.. rite..

    Lagipun, bulan puasa kann.. Hehehe..

  2. it couldn’t suck more than mine…
    erk. that sounds a bit pervert! 🙄

  3. ntah!! aku pon tetap suka blog nie..
    pegi tooottt dengan dia punya komen..

  4. aper lg..approve la beb…friend N? hmmm….cam kenal jer.. 😆

  5. hey how can your blog sucks when you have nice posts and theme…:)

  6. When your blog gets flamed, it gets bumped up one level on the cool and popular meter 😀 as far as I know, only popular blogs get low-life flamers – they’re too busy to leave comments on smaller ones!

    Anyway, this is your blog and you have all the right to say anything that doesn’t infringe the rights of others (well, if your right infringes that of others, it’s no longer considered one) 🙂 so don’t worry, just keep writing!

  7. me agree with your friend N, although me just know u less than a year.. keep blogging dude, and watch for the red lights.. ehehe

  8. Teddy, this is just a spammy comment. I’ve received worst.

    Well, my blog is like my personal diary, except it’s open for people to comment. I have a private-personal blog, no one will ever find it 😉

  9. watch for the red lights < this is a bit hard to see

  10. yeah..i know you are nice guy eddie. 🙂
    selamat berpuasa.

  11. Yea man, keep on blogging! :up:

  12. kira low profile la nie 😀

    nice blog!

  13. hmmm…i must have commented you in my dreams last nite…did i??? 😈

  14. 😆 known u for few months only. Got free ebooks from. Like the way u write. N truthfully i am afraid of you 🙄

  15. Well I have a lot of spammy comments but none of them came close to be insulting (except for a few where they claim your little smacko needs some little blue pill for better performance)…

    Anyway I like the way your blog – you see things very objectively. I tend to be a little biased sometimes (in fact, it’s almost all the time). Oh and you initially came across as quite a ‘garang’ person but then as I read your posts I feel that you’re a different person inside 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with your friend N.

  16. NH slmt berpuasa. n i know aint nothings gonna stop u from blogging ‘wickedly or nicely’ apalah sgt some crappy comments.

  17. Sometimes, i agree with that N. But who cares right? Just go on NH.. 🙂

  18. Keep on blogging dude. Nothing wrong be a good guy anyway:) Gurl likes good guy:P hehe

  19. yup, nothin’ wrong. ur blog, ur voice, ur thought :up:
    we can never satisfied everybody 😎

  20. ala sekali sekala jadik rojak best aper. hehe

    aku semenjak dua mendak tiga mendak puasa neh, rasa nak buat buku plak pasal zaman dulu2. hehe

  21. aku sokong ko ed. nanti aku jadi pm, aku lantik ko jadik tpm ok. tapi jangan la bom mana2 warga asing eh. susah aku nak kaver untuk ko nanti. kalo ko nak ngaku xpe la. senang skit keje aku. wahaha.

  22. entahlah… eddie ko baik sangat ke? hehehe tapi memanglah blog ko ni emo je.. takde pun yang dark side? 😛

    Nevertheless, I still like reading your blog haha .. c’mon la.. tell me your personal-private blog 😉 Just me la .. I like reading what … ahahaha I won’t tell 😛

  23. mane de sucks blog ko.ok per.mellow² ckit xpe. 🙂

  24. hiahhh when you say you have a personal blog… it reminded me of… my uncle bringing back my personal diary (which i write plenty of TOP TOP serects) from nz WITHOUT me asking… and he said ‘i thought this might be important to you’. First how he know its important.. the answer is… unless he has read it. Hiahhh… from that day onwards… NO MORE SECRET DIARIES

  25. aiseh..aku ingatkan encik najmin dah td..najmuddin gamak nyer 👿

  26. byk dark side, ko je tak perasan, ke aku yg tak tules 😛

  27. TPM pon jadilah, just jgn tuduh aku meliwat org sudah 😥

  28. nice theme doesn’t make it any better 😯

  29. Friend X, X must be an initials for their nickname. Takkan Nache kot? Nacho Libre mungkin.

  30. hahaha.. although i x kenal you macam mana your friend kenal you tapi dia was jus right eddie!!! hahah.. sbb you dapat dibaca from your words.. nak jahat mana pun you tetap mellow mellow jugak macam marshmellow.. LOL

  31. i second your friend ‘N’. i’m surrounded by dark, cynical, unlikeable and wicked, i can tell you’re not one of them. 1st sign to look out for, these types never call themselves/ indicate/ mention they’re actually all of the above. hahaha.

    be proud though, good+smart+charming (charming ke ni ek? charming kot, haha) guys are hard to find these days.

  32. wow.

    I do agree with your friend, tho. and you. 🙂

  33. Private-personal blog heh? 😛

    Well, flamers are everywhere.. it’s entertaining to read sometimes. Hmm.. ko punya blog ada dark side, if people noticed the ‘subtle’ stories behind. Read between the lines lah right.. tak kan kene buat in your face baru paham.

    N is right, because in a way this is a public blog, we tend to ‘tone it down’ for people to read. Jaga imej haha! Control macho.. kot??? 😛

    Keep the good stuffs coming! 🙂

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