Your Blog Sucks

 Your Blog Sucks

Why, thank you.

After 4 hours of reading my previous postings, I’ve come to realised, I derailed from my main objectives. I am supposed to be cynical, unlikable and wicked. I’m gonna hate myself for this.

A dear friend of mine shared a serious conversation.

Friend N: You know what’s your problem?
NoktahHitam: No. Lay it out.
Friend N: You’re a nice guy pretending to be dark and wicked.
NoktahHitam: What made you say that?
Friend N: Come on dude, I’ve known you more than 12 years.
NoktahHitam: Shut up.

I guess the wicked side of me mellowed or I grew wiser. Either way, I really wish I’d have that impulsive writing back. Knocking on my keyboard relentlessly, deleting half of it and publish it without fear.

Time has changed. I’m an adult now  ➡

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