You Still Read Manga?

I’m almost busy on weekdays, but by Friday, I’ve pretty much cleared my desk. I hate thinking about work during my 2 days off (weekends).

Like any normal Friday, I’d check if Naruto is up (and Bleach). Pushing 27, the passion is still there. A fellow co-worker caught be reading it during office hours.

MN: Ko dah besar pon baca komik? Aku ingatkan research tadi.
NH: Kasi clear skit kepale. Dah berasap dah nak digest semua input tadi.
MN: Nak release tension, ko bukak la porn.

It’s amazing how some people see things in a different perspective. But porn isn’t really my thing.

I guess I can’t help it. I started reading Naruto when I was 20. It’s been 7 years and I’m still hooked to the series. I read manga because I admire the drawings. The kind of effort, drive and creativity to needed produce a series. I believe sci-fi or fantasy should be graphical, not in words like Twilight, Harry Potter etc.

Come to think of it again, it is childish. But who cares?

ps: I’m going to ride a boat tomorrow! Whooppii~

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