You Are Dearly Missed

It was 6th of Feb, the day we’ve waited is finally here. The day she’s flying off to Australia.

Before we part ways, we had our mini dates to some ice cream joint. My spoon in hers and hers in my bowl. The ice cream was sweet, but the bitterness swelled all over. I could almost feel it, her disappearance in months to come. I had to be strong though it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Our trip to the airport felt short, we sat at the back with her granny, our hands intertwined, never wanting to let go. I held on to my tears though it was already overwhelmed deep within. I wish I could hold it a little longer.

Both our family came to the airport to see her off. I still can’t believe we have reached the day. It seems like yesterday we tagged each other on the blogsphere, ran around the mall like a looney couple, played mute and had the next table staring at us. I’d never thought she’d be the love of my life. But I still played it cool, I didn’t cry.

The time to board the plane is here. As she make her rounds hugging and waving everyone, tears came running down her cheek. I was deeply saddened, but that wasn’t enough to make leak my manly tears.

She walked up to me, held me tight and gave a big hug. This is it. This is the moment. If I had to cry, now is the time. I held like I never wanted to let go. Slowly, I leaned over and whispered the confession of a husband, a friend and a lover, “I love you”. Tears blurred my vision, but it never fell down my cheek. Disappointed but that’s as far as I could go. I bet if I broke down in tears, she’d never take another step pass the immigration counter.

She calmly passed the counter and waved the last goodbye, that was the last sight of her.

The trip home was the hardest. My mind starts drifting away, dwelling on and on of our fondest memories together.

I ran upstairs to our room and saw the mess we’ve created. The mess she apologizes for not having the time to sort it out. I sat at the corner of the bed and all hell breaks loose. Who’d help me find my work pants? My wedding ring? My glasses? My ubat ketiak? Who’d help me rub my back when I’m tensed? Who’d listen to my silly idea of mixing coffee and durian?

My dear wife, I’m sorry if I ever raised my voice to you. I’m sorry for waking you in the middle of your slumber. I’m sorry for not listening to everything you said. I’m sorry for poking you out of curiosity, I seriously think you’re an angel in disguise. I’m sorry if my stories bores you to death. I’m sorry you had to be the adult when I misbehave in public.

Aisyah, I love you with all my heart. Be strong and good luck with your studies. I am proud of you, always have and will always do. And try your best to keep your prayers. God is with you and so will I, always. Till we meet again, my most loved and dearly missed roommate.



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  1. sob .. sob .. sob ..
    Be strong ..

  2. safe journey to oz.

  3. Haha, next month balik la tu. buy tickets early! save like 300%.

  4. takpe bro, bersusah susah dulu bersenang senang kemudian. Aisyah sambung study dlm bidang ape?

  5. phew! i thought somebody passed away when i read the title.

  6. kak jie dah merasai detik mcm ni di KLIA..serius
    riuh rendah kt airport tu langsung rasa kosong

    menaip komen ini air mata pun dah berjurai² – suami kak jie kat sebelah cakap ” bagi dia semangat, mcm kita yang dah tempuh pengalaman ni ”

    selepas 2 tahun 6 bulan, suami kak jie baru balik for good 1/2/2012 lepas.

    sabar ye eddie…itu saja rasanya kata2 yg sesuai.

  7. Be patient + strong.. sometimes being far away will strengthen the love!

  8. Mahal ticket kalau next month. kene cari 6 bulan in advance. confirm murah.

  9. Die sambung architect. Kalau BN in control, bersusah-susah sampai bile2.

  10. Dulu sebelum saya kahwin, duk heran juga, macam mane kak jie rasa. Sekarang saya sendiri yg rasa. Sedih sangat2, tapi kene tabah menduga seharian.

  11. Welcome, bro!

    # Feeling the same because we’re living separately too..the difference is I’m in KL and she is in Kedah.. guess you have to have stronger heart as well! 😀

  12. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kau ni buat aku sebak lahhhhhhh. kalau aku kat rumah mst aku dh aku kat office maka airmata hanya bergenang saja. bertabahlah! sobsssssssss

  13. Kesian ko lisa. Tu laa, kene keras kan perut dan mate. Tak leh nangis2 selalu. Rindu sgt kt bini 🙁

  14. Insya-Allah, kejap je tu.. At least bleh g OZ jenjalan nanti 🙂

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