WordPress Plugin For Negaraku!

I’ve sent a circular news to members of Negaraku, but non replied 😥
They must have thought it was spam. But it’s ok   😛

It’s Here!

Like the same routine of installing any WordPress Plugin,

  1. Download the Plugin Here.
  2. Unzip and Upload to your Plugin folder (wp-content/plugins)
  3. Activate it in your Admin page
  4. Optionally, change the placing of the button in Options (via Admin).

Now who said, we can’t have a localized Digg?   😛

Let me know if you have successfully install it. I want to see how the button looks on your blog! You can thank me by visiting the sponsors on the right    😉

ps: Next time around, a localized Twitter!

pss: The button looks messy   😕

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59 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin For Negaraku!”

  1. im going to be an active negaraku user by now…
    for a start…this plugin is a must!

    many thanks NH!

    go check out my blog and admire your work..

    many thanks again!

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