Will You Marry Me?

I am not exactly the type of guy who rides a white horse wearing a 75kg shining armor. Definitely not the type of guy girls drools over her keyboards, but I’ve been asked several times, will you marry me?

Minus off the playful proposals, there was a few that made me ponder. I know, I had to be fair. If I am willing to consider one, I have to consider all. But that would make me a shallow being, lining up everyone against the wall and sizing them up in all aspects. I hate being compared to, I’m sure they feel the same way too.

As of now, neither my mind nor heart tells me to proceed. Like a healthy person, I too have an excessive emotional baggage I have to carry. Until I sort them out, I don’t think I am fit to juggle life-death decisions.

In the most subtle and gentlest manner I declined their proposal. I hope it was nothing more than a pinch to them.

Whilst you may think they are being bold by asking me directly. I assure you, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Afterall, it was Khadijah who proposed to Muhammad.

ps: Who in the hell used the house phone pushing it to RM340? Somebody is going to get a smack on the head.

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