Why Men Lose Hair

Warning : This a LONG post. Read at your own risk, pun intenteded.

The other day I was out with a female friend and so our journey to the shopping mall begins from her house.(Yeah, I do taxi service as well, other than developing websites)

NoktahHitam: Where are we heading? Which mall?
Girl: Anywhere also the same.
NoktahHitam: Ok. Let’s go to “Place Y”. I need a new pair of jeans.
Girl: Last time we went there already. Nothing much there.
NoktahHitam: Any suggestion(s)?
Girl: Anything would do. Up to you la
[she did say ‘anywhere’ and ‘anything’, so why does she have to argue?]

So we ended up driving to Place Y. I got my pair of jeans, Giordano. I don’t have to try, I know my size.

NoktahHitam: I feel like eating, don’t you?
Girl: I’m not hungry. Nevermind I will accompany you.
NoktahHitam: Ok. (walking towards a japanese restaurant).
Girl: Eh, this place is very bad. I don’t like the sushi.
NoktahHitam: Fast food okay for you?
Girl: Don’t you know its fattening?
NoktahHitam: Once in a while its ok. If you don’t want, let’s find some place else.
Girl: Anywhere. I don’t mind. Up to you.
[She said she’s not hungry but why complain about what I’ll be having?]

Since finding a place to eat is like finding the next Malaysian Idol, I decided to skip lunch. So did she. Good, save the money for parking fees.

NoktahHitam: Since we’re not eating, let’s go for a movie. Let me pick the movie.
Girl: Ok.
NoktahHitam: Let’s watch this. My friends tell me its good.
Girl: Did you watch the trailer? It sucks! Choose something else.
NoktahHitam: Why don’t you suggest?
Girl: Anything would do.
[I’m partially using my veto power, but can never beat her mind game]

We left the ticketing booth and wandered around. I am now hungry and pissed.

Girl: I’ll be in this shop (walking in shoe shop)
NoktahHitam: Ok. Will follow later. (3-4 mins later I walked in)
Girl: Which do you think looks good on me, the red or brown?
NoktahHitam: The brown looks good. But the red suits you most.
Girl: But you said the brown looks good?
NoktahHitam: Yeah, the red suits you most.
Girl: You don’t what you’re talking about.
NoktahHitam: I need some air. When you’re done, call me ok.
Girl: Will do.
[She said ‘looks good on me’! Next time, I’ll close my eyes and point something off the shelves.]

I switched off my mobile phone, went to my car and drove off . Unfortunately, that was just my state of mind. I sat at the bench outside overlooking the fountain, just to clear my head.

Girl: Hey where are you?
NoktahHitam: I’m outside, why?
Girl: I met my friend and we’re going for lunch. Come join us!
NoktahHitam: Ok.

I followed her instruction and found myself at the Japanese restaurant I wanted to go earlier. I walked in and sat next to Girl. There was a paper bag on the table so I placed it on the floor. I noticed she bought herself the red shoes.

Once we’re done, we called for bill. Her friend accidentally pulled out a movie ticket, the movie I wanted to watch. Being the gentleman I am..

NoktahHitam: It’s ok, its on me.
Friend: It’s ok, we’ll split the bill. (pheewwwh!)
NoktahHitam: How was the movie?
Friend: You mean this?(Showing the movie ticket). It was very good! I’ll watch it again sometime.
NoktahHitam: I thought so too (I gave Girl a GOOD cynical glare)
Girl: What are you looking at?
NoktahHitam: Oh no, I thought I saw an idiot coming from your direction.

I thought of asking how was Place Y, but that’d be too much. Anyway, I’m not going bald but if this continues on daily basis, I will no longer need a shaver (for mustache or goatee) as I will be ‘fur-less’, like you know who.

Is it my fate to entertain people? Am I trapped in the wrong circle? Or all girls are like this, playing hard to catch and ‘water-testing’? I just want to be free of ‘you’ like ‘you’ are of me.

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