Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi!

In case you don’t know, I changed my mobile plan from Maxis to Digi and I’ve been meaning to write about this for a very long time.

I’ve been with Maxis since it’s inception in 1999. After 11 years, I gave up this bitterness affair. It’s pointless. As a loyal partner, I deserve better, especially if I’ve been paying almost RM100 monthly. Why the change?

Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi!

1. Cost Issue

With Maxis, I had to call them every time the bill arrives. There’s always some hidden charges that’s not mine. There was once, my bill peaked RM300 ++. It was due to GPRS and my phone is not even Internet capable! It was ok if I had to called once in a while, but it’s not fucking ok, if I had to call them MONTHLY. Such a waste of time.

2. Family or Supplementary Line

With Maxis, it’s only 15 hours of free calls between Principal (me) and Supplementary and RM 30 commitment fees. Digi offers unlimited calls at only RM15 commitment fees. If you’re the type of person who likes to ‘gayut‘ with your girl, this is the best way to do it. Oh and, free MMS and SMS too 😉

3. Barred Phone

Shitty Maxis won’t allow you to call them if your phone is barred! Even if you were to inform them of your payment, you’d have to use a different phone! How fucking stupid is that? If you know your client is owning you money, it’ll be in your best interest to listen to them for any arrangement/adjustment, not totally block them. So for Customer service, NEGATIVE!

Digi, well.. I haven’t got barred yet.

4. Rewards

Being loyal for 11 years doesn’t pay off. I only knew that calls to other Maxis on your birthday are free when I changed to Digi from a friend. All this while, they did not bother to inform me of any rewards. They like to keep their customer in the dark kot? Other benefit? Not ever! As for Digi, non yet still too early.

Simpler Calculation

Maxis: RM 50 plan + RM 30 supplementary = RM 110.
You’ll have to fight for the difference every month and you don’t even know what’s it for! Talk about integrity..

Digi: RM50 plan + RM15 supplementary = RM 65.
That’s more like it. Make small money but honest 😉

Those four reasons are good enough for me to jump boat. Maxis don’t need my shitty money, it’s ok, I’ll give it to someone else. When will they learn, that telco business is about trust? I guess they won’t.

Although I have to admit, I often get drop call especially while driving (changing base station to another) but that’s just a pinch and it doesn’t really bother me.

ps: German 3rd place. Not bad for a very young team


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  1. RM65 and almost free with everything.. will consider about this

  2. I call aisyah (or the other way around) about 30 mins daily, sometimes 3 hours. Freaking awesome ok for the value of RM15. And that RM15 is prepaid base. She can call other people and have FamilynFriends just like a normal prepaid.

    It saves me a hell lot bro 😉

  3. I moved from Maxis to Digi for the same reason too. I’ve been with them since TimeDotCom – TimeCel days, (017 number)..but they’ve been sucky as hell, not to mention the call dropping and no coverage issue part =/

  4. huhu. same here. just waiting for the iPhone 4, and some cash, *blink* im off to DiGi 😀

  5. aku pun dah lama pakai maxis since 2000, so far xde prob lagi. roaming superb. hehe

  6. Just tweeted about this to @maxiscomms, not sure if they are listening.

    I’m their postpaid customer for 8 years too and I totally feel you, man. Anyway, I’m keeping faith and hope they’ll improve.

    Btw, why the Samsung Galaxy S? Haha.

  7. Planning to get an Android base phone 😉

    Thanks for your tweet.

    It’s not worth being loyal if in return you get screwed.

  8. Yeah, coverage superb. Tp aku dah penat nak gaduh dgn org maxis. Mcm haram!

  9. iphone 4 worth meh? It’s super duper expensive. Ilang nangis tak berlagu la.

  10. 017 no coverage and drop calls? That’s weird!

    I’ve had enough fighting with Maxis staff over 10-30 ringgit. It’s not worth making an enemy over trivial matters.

  11. my dad just bought an iPhone via Digi 🙂

  12. Bulan lepas kredit Hotlink aku berjumlah RM123.00 ditelan. Ya, seratus dua puluh tiga ringgit, bukan doblas ringgit bro!

    Bila call careline (siap kena caj lagi), katanya aku browse internet guna caj RM2 per connection. Tak masuk akal semalaman aku open connection sampai 61 kali! Padahal aku try 2, 3 kali jer, bila tak jadi aku pun menyampah. I couldn’t even get any connection at all!

    Dah puas bergaduh, baru dapat balik semua kredit termasuk kos panggilan careline.

    BTW, Celcom tak masuk list ker bro? Supplementary is just RM5 commitment per month per line. Coverage is “more superb” than Maxis. Careline ok, technical issues pun sangat jarang2 berlaku.

    Bagi aku semua operator ada banyak masalah, tapi Celcom paling tak banyak hal setakat aku guna 15 tahun ini.

  13. aku pun dah tak pakai maxis selepas 7 tahun. sebabnya aku rasa mcm byk benda tak adil terutamanya tang reward dengan rate.

  14. i have been a loyal maxis user myself and ever since my mom decides to switch to post-paid (she’s on maxis prepaid for God’s knows how long), there have been some talks in our family to all hop over to join the yellow band-wagon.

    thanks to this entry, i explained to her in brief details about both service provider and guess what?

    we’ll be switching to digi soon! hehe… ^^,

  15. Celcom no technical issue? Remember last raya? When their entire system went down for a few days? Imagine if you had an emergency, orang tu dah kene tanam dah pon sepanjang system down.

    Their bill is pretty high (my dad is using Celcom) and supplementary line is limited 20 hours. Forgive if my mind set is wrong, I just dont like having to be concious about “how long have I called?”.

    Some how blue doesnt really capture my imagination… donno why.

  16. I should get a commission for this! Hahaha

  17. Aku ade terase nak pakai Android la.

  18. Hahaha.. aku pun been using maxis since 1999 tak penah tukar.. tapi being loyal means nothing to maxis. charges makin go up ada la… mmg dah pikir nak tukar to digi pun.. hehe thanks for this post..

    dah tweet kat @maxiscomms jugak.

  19. Tweet kat @maxiscomms bukan bole buat ape pon. Buat tatau je la. Maxis yg tak best nye dorg dlm state of denial. Salah tp tanak ngaku. Bukan kite nak bambu die, tp nak resolve issue same2. Susah nak ckp dgn org keras kepale.

  20. aku mmg dulu setia kat maxis (skang pun masih guna maxis actually). lepas pindah shah alam, calls asyik drop for more than five months. lepas surat aku keluar dlm The Star (http://bit.ly/9aPqCw) baru terhegeh2 nak buat site visit. Lepas depa fix, bukan nak reimburse ke apa ke. Chet. Betul ckp kau tu.. salah tapi tak nak ngaku.

    hopefully digi service is better la 🙂

  21. Salam,

    nice blog.

    Anyway, aku pun dah lama meninggalkan maxis dan menggunakan Digi. Guna plan 30, bill negatif lagi ni huhuhu.

  22. you should have switched to Tune Talk, lagi murah! 😛 sory semak at ur blog.

  23. Digi tade 3G kot kat Shah Alam. Tp ok la, takkan drop call selagi tak drive (mase drive mane bole call pon). Hahha

  24. 16sen/min? Prepaid? Nah, Digi offers 13sen/min and I’m on postpaid 😉

    3 sen doesn’t sound much, but if I talk for 1 hour, thats RM1.80. Monthly, I talk about 20 hours making it RM 36. Banyak tak bro?

  25. Hahaha. Aku nak sauk dah DG30, tp takle ade supplementary line. Kalau ade, dah lame sauk 😉

  26. Aku pakai maxis dari 1995, mungkin mengikut jejak langkah. Tp ramai cakap line teruk? Your opinion?

  27. Depends on location. My place is very good reception. Drop calls bile driving je la.

    Not that Maxis isn’t dependable, cume price die premium sgt la. Pastu ade charge pelik2. Aku tak gemor la nak kene charge aneh2 ni.

  28. tak, takkan hilang punyaaa! hahaha

  29. yeah true, I’m using celcom as well and sure, the calls to family numbers are free (dont think we use up the free 20 hours monthly ) but the cost for celcom to other numbers are just so expensive as well as sms.

  30. ever since i changed to digi from tmtouch/celcom, i never looked back. the only reason i use celcom is for the video call since digi doesnt support video call in my area.

    btw, i still use my tmtouch number.

  31. sekarang ni banyak laman web sosial dah kena blok oleh maxis! tapi celcom.digi masih boleh lagi..kenapa tu?

  32. Really? Throughout my 6 years experience, I really thought Maxis is probably the best of all.

    Probably I’m just a lucky subscriber kot?

  33. seconded aisyah 😛

  34. same like me..i like Digi as my BB gonna faster even there no caverage at my part..hehehe

  35. ni gara gara gune ifon ler nih..
    same kes mcm aku la
    montly >rm200…
    maxis cekik darah!!!

  36. Maxis is the most expensive of the lot, I think. Been using it for almost 5 years. From prepaid to postpaid. No loyalty rewards. And the internet plan is more expensive than digi. My Maxis bill’s average is almost RM150 permonth. But with digi (been using it for a month plus), and the first bill is RM120. I’m using the Internet Unlimited (IU). No hidden charge, as the monthly commitment is RM68 (for IU) and the rest of the bill is for calls and sms. I guess it’s fair enough. If Maxis, I have to take two plans, which I took, that is Call (and SMS) (RM50)+ Data (500MB) (RM68) = RM118. Usually my call value more than 50 so there will be more than Rm118.

  37. hahahahahhahaha….welcome to the yellow army my fren!!!ko pakai dg50 ke??mmg btul pon digi murah…tiap² bln i just have to pay 52.50 only…gayut ngan bini aku pon bole lame²….pasni bole la aku ltk ko dlm friends n family aku….

  38. thanks for that info noktahhitam.. sblum ni x tau pown mobile phone provider yg mne yg elok..

    thumbs up!

  39. Thanks, what a nice info

  40. It’s true bros…. Maxis cm taik’s…. so expensive… hush

  41. Yups…. I hink yellow fellow is the best now…time to switch to it!… Yeeehaaa!

  42. omg, shit maxis. My bill is normally less than rm100 a month.,.. but this month, its like rm366.. wtf ?!?!?! Even when I use the internet, it isn’t even Maxis internet, its homeuser.. pssshhhh

  43. I’ve always been a loyal Digi customer, but last month I switched my month old Celcom line to Maxis because Celcom’s charges were beyond believe. I signed up for auto-debit on the spot too. 2 days ago, I got an SMS from Maxis telling me that my RM37.35 worth of bill (prorata, switched up in mid-July) was way overdue and to pay it ASAP to avoid service interruption. Thinking that it was a mistake since I signed up for auto-debit to my credit card, I disregard the SMS.

    Guess what? Today, the Maxis line is barred! Over RM37.35 that should have been charged to my credit card! That never happened with my main line, Digi. So I’m off to Maxis soon, settled the bill and terminate the servive. It’s just not worth the fuss. Digi is definitely the best there is here. Cost-saving, top notch service, including the customer service when you call them up!

  44. The customer service is very friendly! It’s like calling friends on Saturdays 🙂

  45. i’ve moved from maxis to digi on february this year and so far it have been good.

    tips: if you know someone who works with digi, ask them to sign you up for the digi ambassador plan. Its the best plan ever, with no commitment fees and lots of rebates. The admission is by referral only though.

  46. maxis always has hidden charge!!!wt#

  47. For time being I use maxis near 8 year but some time have problem,but the problem during hari raya or any holiday

  48. ermmm…hey dude ur package calling wat? n how i resgister from digi center? jz telling the guy i wanna to take DG50 package n supline to my supplementary? i nt understand man == supline hv to paid another rm15? or my supplementary hv to take another package to do tat? (sry for my broken english hope u understand)

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