Why Boycott Israeli Product?

This is my social obligation, to torch gray matters.

I’m sure you’re dead bored, hearing this topic looming on every single tube out there, I know I am. Life4Hire, Khai, MenJ, Kavilan and many more from Negaraku. But I’m not so shallow to just boycott without probe.

Many are pulling out Quranic verse, stench of racism towards Jews, lauding Islamic unity or turning this into a religion thing. But I’m going to step back and allow you to think without prejudice.

So this is my take.

Quick Fact: US aid to Israel, $3 Billion per year, $1.2 Billion for economic growth and $1.8 Billion for military aid 😯

Why boycott Israel?
Easy, to end oppression and occupancy in Palestine. Boycott is nothing new, it ended Apartheid in South Africa. International pressure should have a direct impact on them.

What’s the point of boycotting, if US and German are aiding them?
We can’t do anything about the aid but we can reduce company’s profit. These companies will soon learn that they need forfeit their investment, else losing the entire International market. Investments cultivates Israel’s economic growth. Like any other country, military is the biggest allocated fund.

So, lesser profit = no investment = lower funds for military = No Oppression!

Why do these company bank their money on Israel?
Instant profit. Per capita Israeli roughly equates to $20k, $14k from US and $6k from Germans. That’s about RM70k per year, RM5.8k per month, per person. And that does not include their own income.

Do you earn RM6k per month without doing anything? Neither do I.

Why Germany aid Israel?
According to Luxembourg Agreement, 1952. 3 Main reasons.

  • Restitution to Nazi victims
  • Restitution for property confiscated by the Nazis that cannot be restored or returned
  • Other categories outside the field of Holocaust restitution.

Now you know why Germans despise Hitler, he didn’t wipe out every Jew 😈

Wouldn’t boycotting hurt local business and household income?
The cute cashier at McD Setiawangsa is on the payroll, if they can’t break even, they’ll roll up and she’ll lose her job, so as the entire staff. Poor cutey.

The bigger picture, there’ll be demand for fast food and this is the best chance for local businesses and entrepreneurs to penetrate the market. These revenue streams will be channeled back to our nation. Now, isn’t that patriotic?

*This does not govern fast food only but to everything else.

Quick Fact: No Coke in Arab, instead Zamzam cola and they’re successful. And you thought it’s a cheap imitation of Coke. Lame 😐

Why don’t we just boycott Jews?
That would be a racist. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew. Google, Sergey Brin is a Jew. Apple, Steve Job is half Jew.

The point of boycotting is TO STOP buying from companies that openly support Israel. Don’t be a thick head and blame every Jew out there. They too, hate inhumane acts.

How do I know what to boycott?
Go to Inminds.co.uk. You can click the logo and learn more about them. By far the most accurate listing. Forget about forwarded email. I even saw them include PLUS, yeah the toll concessionaire. What the heck?

– – –

In all honesty, I deeply and sincerely hope you boycott, even if it means drooling over Prosperity burger, Chicken McNugget and curly fries.

ps: There goes my dream of owning Nokia 5800.

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