Whom Should I Support for Euro?

I meant to write the cons of fuel hike, but I think you all know the drill, harga barang naik etc. So I’m just gonna write about the most talked topic, EURO 2008.

Friend J : Aku sokong Spain!
NoktahHitam : On what basis?
Friend J : I think they rock.

Friend Q : German all the way!
NoktahHitam : Did you know Podulski was born in Poland?
Friend Q : No.. was he?

Friend M : Portugal babe! I want to see Figo.
NoktahHitam : Figo retired la.
Friend M : Really?

How do you support a team?

Based on Nationality. You weren’t was born there. So hush.
Based on Country. Almost all have never been to the country they supported.
Based on Education.
Most would say England, but they didn’t qualify. WTH.
Based on Popularity.
It’s football, it’s a sports. Not American Idol or AF.
Based on Players
. Looks? Skills? I don’t know.

Some of you, don’t even know how to kick a football, have yet to own a football or watch football so you appear manly. In all honesty, football is a game to play, not to watch. So sleep early, when you wake up, Google the results. Go to office and ask everyone around,”Did you watch the match? It’s interesting right?”, so you are seen as the GUY.

I hate the FRANTIC football fans. If you support a team, you don’t have to talk about this player, that player, that team, this team, England bodoh, German tak reti main bola, Turkey slow. Let me ask you something, how far did your football skills take you? Wakil Rumah? Wakil Sekolah? Wakil Daerah? or only Wakil Diri?

So shut up. I don’t want to know. If I need to know everything there is about a player or a team, I’ll Google it. Okay?

ps: There, I’ve said it   😀

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