When You Have to Go, You Have to Go!

I meant to write a serious post. Somehow my draft got sucked into the recycle bin.

What I’m about to write will probably disgust you, so leave if you plan on being judgmental. Those who’re eating, feel free to continue.

I have tonnes of gossip buddies. And I can really talk, for hours non stop.

Girl T: Hey, where are you? It echoes like hell.
NoktahHitam: You’re gonna have to blame the reception. It’s poor.
Girl T: But you live in KL!
NoktahHitam: Tell me about it!

*Plup* …*plup*

Girl T: What is that sound?
NoktahHitam: You’re making things up. I don’t hear anything.
Girl T: Oh, ok.

*Shuuuuu* (the sound of running water)

Girl T: Is it raining over there? That explains the bad reception.
NoktahHitam: Nope.. (too transparent)
Girl T: OMG, you’re not taking a dump are you?
NoktahHitam: Yeah.. sorry?
Girl T: How could you?
NoktahHitam: Shut up! It’s not like you can smell it!

When I say I talk non-stop, it includes the process of ‘uploading’ feces. I guess I am that transparent after all 🙂

ps: Check out this site. You can practically bomb anywhere you like!

pss: When you have to go, you have to go.


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  1. lol~i think that’s rather disturbed..but it doest matter rite..after all its not like she can smell or see u live in action..huhu

  2. wah ahhahahha…kisah pak ngah tuh mmg lawak duh…

  3. “Makhluk paling sexy di muka bumi” :up:

  4. Talk to me babeh.. muahahahahahahaha!

    Ehem, Girl T must be so irresistible that you continued talking to her while dumping.. LOL!

  5. …and at least the ‘reception’ is bad..so that is another way to disable the 3G, literally. Good one!

  6. hahahahaha i can relate to this :p
    tapi i baek kan?
    i tak complain pon u ckp dlm jamban :p
    cuma echo tu makes it difficult to really dgr u ckp~

    u’re transparent or being budak comot yg pengotor 😛
    miahahaha, jgn mara saya “:>

  7. :mrgreen: tolooonnnggg… i baca ni pun rasa mcm nak terberak

  8. eddie, i paham! hahahahha
    kasehan pakngah jadi bahan di sini :p

  9. bong, m i so irresistible too?
    eddie slalu ckp ngn i masa dia dlm jamban 😛

  10. boleh you berselera nak ada phone call dalam toilet eddie.. ahahaha.. seriously, i cant.. i feel pelik. ngegegeg

  11. hua… hua… hua…
    good sound effects.

  12. hahaha sbb i tau eddie mmg comot kot~
    that’s why i dun mind 😛
    tapi setakat ni i tak pernah dgr bunyk “plup” lagi la
    if you know what i mean
    miahaha 😮

  13. ewww… adakah edwin is so irresistible sampai kamu sanggup bercakap dgnnya ketika beliau dlm jamban.

    hmm… mungkin kot sbb dia romantik. wahahahaha 😮

  14. romantik?
    mihahaa, dia gedik 😛

    *larikkk, takot kena rotan

  15. eddie gedik? kantoi beb kantoi

  16. Haha, entri pelawas! 🙄

  17. nothing wrong with that and I always do the same. Kadang2 benda penting takkan nak hang nanti nak kena call balik :up:

    ps:brave man also do brave thing ahakkkk.. 😀

  18. Hohoho.. ade makhluk perasan jugak 😮

  19. Budak comot yg pengotor… haish. ni kire complain la!

  20. Girl T is not irresistible, I think everyone I talk to, I will definitely go to toilet for a puff or two. Rarely take a dump 😛

  21. When nature calls, kene jawab gak 🙄

  22. We can eat,smoke,d.i.y(ahah!) while talking over the phone..hence y not dumping..muahahaha

  23. ask sootsprite. she’s the one who claimed you’re gedik. 😮

  24. eddie smoking dlm jamban sebab takot kena rotan ngan mak dia
    sangat comel oke 😛

  25. eddie, next time video call plak please!
    muahahha ➡

  26. Lol you’re not alone. Last time when my mom called me she was taking a poop and I was like why call me now? 🙄 I didn’t hear the defining plop sound but I knew she was in a toilet because I could her echoes bouncing off the walls. For some reason, when I hear people farting in the photo I thought I can smell it 😛 the same for poop!

  27. Oh auntie!!! Don’t do that!

    I’m rarely on the phone with mom. Usually sms.

  28. multi tasking! That’s the keyword 😀

  29. haha.
    agak kotor~

  30. haha…aku takut tul nak bawak masuk tepon dalam tandas, takut terjatuh dalam mangkuk jamban..haha ➡

  31. erk,….agak :mrgreen: hahahaha.(pss)-famous qoute from Godfather?

  32. kotor dan sedikit lucah.. hahaa.. gurau je… anyway, berak mana boleh bercakap dowh…

    nape plupp pluppp…. pelik… skali 2 ketul ke yg keluar? hahahaa..

  33. Kalau jamban jenis cangkung, takut gak la. Tp kalau dah masuk jamban, takkan nak pakai lagi. 😮

  34. I’ve never watched God Father. I hate mafia movie, I dont know why.

    If no one have quoted that before, then I guess, I should take the credit for it 😀

  35. Ko igt ni nugget ke nak berketul-ketul? Plup-plup tu sound effect je. Tade la aku nak kire bape byk kali die jatuh 😈

  36. dengan seluar bernama ‘James’ LOL!

  37. hehe. taking dump?? 🙂

  38. read it once in a stephen king’s novel…

    “the internet scares the shit out of me… i’ve downloaded in my pants..”

    funny eh?

  39. huh sape kate berak tak boleh bercakap muahahaha.. not using mouth right? (erk aku pun da jadi cam disgusting da .. ouch)

  40. can’t u tell her to call you back? 🙄

  41. LOL.. you could just fit well in my group of friends, NH! I have a few friends that whenever I call, they’re always in the loo doing their business… I ask them why do their bring the phones in the toilet, they always give me the same answer …. “main game!” Fon termasuk dalam lubang jamban, baru tau…. 😀

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