When You Have to Go, You Have to Go!

I meant to write a serious post. Somehow my draft got sucked into the recycle bin.

What I’m about to write will probably disgust you, so leave if you plan on being judgmental. Those who’re eating, feel free to continue.

I have tonnes of gossip buddies. And I can really talk, for hours non stop.

Girl T: Hey, where are you? It echoes like hell.
NoktahHitam: You’re gonna have to blame the reception. It’s poor.
Girl T: But you live in KL!
NoktahHitam: Tell me about it!

*Plup* …*plup*

Girl T: What is that sound?
NoktahHitam: You’re making things up. I don’t hear anything.
Girl T: Oh, ok.

*Shuuuuu* (the sound of running water)

Girl T: Is it raining over there? That explains the bad reception.
NoktahHitam: Nope.. (too transparent)
Girl T: OMG, you’re not taking a dump are you?
NoktahHitam: Yeah.. sorry?
Girl T: How could you?
NoktahHitam: Shut up! It’s not like you can smell it!

When I say I talk non-stop, it includes the process of ‘uploading’ feces. I guess I am that transparent after all 🙂

ps: Check out this site. You can practically bomb anywhere you like!

pss: When you have to go, you have to go.

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