When You Have To Go, You Have To Go (II)

It was late. I couldn’t stall this any longer.

I drove as quickly as I could. Ran thru every bumper I see and overtaking when necessary. It was at one junction, I sped just to catch the yellow light.

A blue beacon tailgated me and signaled me to pull over. It was the police.

Police Man: Assalamualaikum. Lesen memandu?
NoktahHitam: Wasalam, Nah.

I gave him my driving license without hesitation.

Police Man: Awak tahu kesalahan awak?
NoktahHitam: Saya speed masa lampu kuning.
Police Man: Tahu pon. Sepatutnya awak berhenti.
NoktaHitam: Baik tuan.
Police Man: Kenape muka awak pucat? Baru lepas rompak bank ke?
NoktahHitam: Tuan, saya nak tercirit.

The policeman handed me my license and signaled me to go. Lucky he wasn’t anal. Else, I would’ve spurt my toxic waste all over Jenny. I never thought diarrhea could save me. I should try that again someday.

To that policeman, thanks!

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  1. Muke macam taruk 5 layer makeup!

  2. Aiks! Sorry to hear about that. Being a person fraught with stomach problems (sensitive tummy, that’s what people say), I can completely understand how horrible it feels to have the urge to immediately relief yourself during a diarrhea episode. Must have sucked!

    Luckily the police officer is very nice 😆 haha I like the allegory he used for the pale face of yours. LOL!

  3. HAHAHA.

    takpe, gue kool je org buat lawak kasar dgn gue.

  4. Inilah alasan yang sama aku guna waktu kena tahan polis dulu, tp masa tu mmg betul kritikal nak ‘unk unk’ 😛

  5. If I were you, I would fart silently and let him smell.


  6. Ehem.. How can you fart when you’re having diarrhea? You either hold or push, no fart. Else risk cleaning up your mess 🙂

  7. guess u got ur lucky break huh!

    uve proven to me that diarrhea can be a blessing in disguise. tehehe. =)

  8. huh… what sort of ‘any’ Penal Code?
    I thought it’s either under the Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987 or under the traffic regulations…

  9. Look it up. You can’t be sued if you sped on yellow lights.

  10. Nope! See, you got the concept wrong. Usually, on the brink of messing up your pants, a pocket of air still ada dekat hujung hujung tu.

    That air actually deadly silent killer.

    Can spin your head for two nights straight.

  11. OUR penal code did not cover offence in regards to speeding during yellow lights… i think its under some sort of road or traffic regulations. u cant be sued of course, but u can get summons… subject to the police officer in charge I guess. 😀

  12. Selalu nak terberak jer ko ni.. 😀

  13. Woaaa. Unlike you (female), I can’t control my rectum passage just slight to puff some air. or Maybe, I’m not as talented as you.

    I won’t take my chances. Too futile to try.

    ps: Why are we discussing rectum opening? Gosh, youre fun to talk to.

  14. Girls can use the PMS excuse. Often get away easily 😉

  15. Cerite Tahi lagi best dari politic. HAHAHA

  16. haha. that too, i know 🙂

  17. fart can be mistaken for shat u know… masa kekecik terigt peristiwa tu.. confident je fart skali…. heheh

  18. cool..because the current theme doesn’t resembles en. NH that i know off..(to me laaa kann..that is thru my readings from ur post..)

    hehe 😀

  19. haha~ mmg dahsyat punye reason. I might wanna give a try later on. haha

  20. strangely enough… that is actually the second most popular reasons when i asked my relatives around about what would they say when abang polis stopped you in the middle of the highway.

    i brought this topic up during my get together with my cousins and most of them say that they used to use the excuse being in a hurry to pee or going number two and frankly enough they managed to escape.

    guess the abang polis are human after all. hehe…

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