When The World Comes Down

Once an emo, always and emo. –Mae

The All American Rejects
I’m a big fan of The All American Rejects. Catchy and lyrically emo, much like my fondness towards Dashboard Confessional. They released a new album last year, but I only managed to grab the CD (mind you, original ok!) a few days ago and I’ve been playing it ever since.

Slight twist in the new album, they sound mature. Current favorite, Back To Me.

Can’t you see I beg and plead,
Cause when your eyes light up the skies at night,
I know you’re gonna find your way back to me.

Seriously, an ear candy 😎

You can Google “When the World Comes Down +Rapidshare” for download . Buy the album if you like it!

(I have tonnes to whine about, unfortunately for you, I have someone who’d lend an ear now 😮 or you can read my other blog.)

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