When I Grow Up, I Want to Join MCKK

MCKK, when I grow up

My youngest brother, told me, he wants to join MCKK. I asked a few more questions to unravel his intention.

NoktahHitam: Why do you want to go to MCKK?
Muhammad: Because you’ve made real friends there.
NoktahHitam: You can make friends everywhere.
Muhammad: No. MCKK is different. You guys would die for each other.
NoktahHitam: That’s just a metaphor. In reality, no friend would die for you.
Muhammad: You would.
NoktahHitam: You know for sure that MCKK doesn’t produce academician anymore.
Muhammad: I don’t want to be a text book writer.
NoktahHitam: What do you plan to do when you join?
Muhammad: I want to BEAT you at everything. Your records, positions, studies.. everything.
NoktahHitam: Ok. That’s some what scary. Have you told mom of your intention?
Muhammad: Yeah, mom wants me to be an Ustaz (an Islamic scholar) but I like wearing shorts.

We were later called for dinner. I did ask mom, will she allow Muhammad to join MCKK. Her response was short, study hard! I guess she really did want him to become an Islamic scholar and continue his studies to Middle East.

Muhammad will be in standard 5 in a few days time. I find it intriguing, that a 10 year old boy would have such ambition. (I, at that age, only cared about my play time, next thing I knew, we were heading to Kuala Kangsar to drop me). I reckon he’s probably looking for the keyword, lePASSION. But I’ll let him figure out himself what that exactly means.

Recap of what I was (if you think I’m boasting, don’t mention it!).

Year 1996-2000 (U18 & U15)

  • Curriculum – Class Monitor (I really abused my power. LoL)
  • Co curriculum – President KRS
  • Sports, School Level – Captain of Athletics(2000), Rugby(1998-2000), Hockey(1997-1999), 100m(1997-2000), 4x100m(1997-2000), 200m(1997-2000), Sports Secretary (House)
  • Sports, District Level (2000) – 100m, 4x100m, 200m (failed to qualify, LoL)

As a brother, I have no doubt you can beat all of the above, so good luck.

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