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I wont bore you with the details, you can either listen to the mp3, cast a vote or both.




I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. kalau aku aku delete blog je terus..

    nape, ada orang suh ko delete entry ko hape ke?? Entry mana?? (ceh.. sebokk je haku.. haha)

  2. Tell them to go to hell and keep your entry, yeah!

    Aku pernah kena sekali, dan aku lantakkan saja.. ha ha

  3. comel! i sgt suke =) u know why la

    is this abt the same case?

    i’d just KEEP silent and
    my entry

  4. As a blogger, you should be careful with what you write (I think.) 😛

    But hell yea! This is your place. Shout it out la! Muahahhahaha… and I vote for “It depends how nicely they asked”…


  5. well…hell off with them!

    surely, a blog is our own personal thing, like a diary… takkan masuk jel kot kalau tulis bukan2 dalam blog?

    malaysia ni nama je demokrasi..tapi takleh nak bersuara langsung… lebih sikit je, see you in ISA haha… just another bunch of fools!

    p/s: main sembur je gua…btw, whats the case anyways?

  6. ko mmg blur sejati

  7. i wouldnt tell them to go to hell, but i will not delete the entry. i know it’s too late to give comments. but i know u dont mind…kan eddie?

    aishah’s last blog post..Kad Kredit?

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