What Is Your Name?

Over the course of one month, my trip so far with the current company is a blessing in disguise. Suffice to say I am enjoying my time being in the corporate world despite having to travel 40km to work every day.

It’s a norm to roam floor to floor, introducing myself as a new addition to the company. Nothing much, just wanted to understand the organization as a whole before I lube my gears.

“You’re new here!” a lady who passed by said.

“Yes I am.” I replied quickly, I didn’t want to hold the lift any longer.

“What is your name?”, she asked

“Edwin”, short and simple, I replied, trying hard to end the conversation.

She stopped and looked at me from head to toe, as if something was wrong with my attire. With a finger pointed at me she asked, “Are you a muslim?”

“Yes, Melayu lagi“, I smirked generously.

I always get this question often. I used to be offended, but not anymore. I guess I am comfortable tossing my real name around.

“Sabah or Sarawak?”, with a confused face she asked and still pointing at me.

“Nope, born and raised in KL”. And there goes my ride to 11th floor.

“Owh. What a modern name!” she looked like she digested the info.

“Yup. In case you’re wondering, saya orang Jawa“, I added.

“That explains it! See ya around Edwin 😉 ”

The FAQ remains the same, am I a muslim/malay and either I’m a Sabahan or Sarawakian no matter where I go. That includes meeting clients. What to do, I guess my dad was way beyond his when he thought about my name. It’s late, so I’ll tell you how I got my name in my next post.

ps: Just got back from lepak with Blowie, Qiilans87 and Aenaz. Time to sleep!


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The first time I knew that his name was denim-like, my mind’s self prediction was he’s from a wealthy family, probably snobbish,egoistic. Pardon my 13 year-old mind.

But as time raked away, I knew the true colors of this laddie, and those self-judgement that I made was overthrown. He was simply, interesting.


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NoktahHitam replied #1

Wow!~ Poetic sungguh!

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kidd wrote on January 19, 2010 #1

My name i.e Aween, is actually a guy’s name in Welsh. At least you dont have to bear watching people with the is-this-girl-having-a-gender-identity-crisis-here look. on their face.

I was addressed as MISTER Aween kot. How degrading is that?

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Maybe sebab you have misai 😛

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lyana replied #1

Ok this is even more degrading. Haha

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Hahhaa sile jgn terase

lyana wrote on January 19, 2010 #2

Sometimes a person’s name could become a deep matter.

Whatever it is, our name should be a motivation for us to achieve success in our life. I always think like that. haha.

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alone wrote on January 19, 2010 #3

haha mane2 pegi pun kompem org tanye ko ni muslim ke? gaya muslim. then betul ke nama ko edwin masripan? haha..sume org tak kenal ko lg akan tanye sebegitu kat aku…yeah i said ur muslim malay pure lagi..more accurately oghang kualer tuh!
biler deme nok berlager pusat? haha

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Oghang kualer, same dgn teman! piyor lagi tu! Hahaha.

Pernah ade org tanye pasal aku dari ko? Org takut kot nak tanye aku directly. Aku mane laa tembak org.

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Roslan Nazri replied #1

haha….ade la jugak..lagi2 blogger..huhu..teman nok wat cemmane..teman bagitau doh deme eddie dlm blog ngan luo lain bebenor…sape yg dah jumpe deme baru ler tau..kalo idok..haha..deme takut kene tembok ler..haha

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Roslan wrote on January 19, 2010 #4

ahhaha,takpe bro. nama unik nie orang susah nak tertukar tukar dengan nama orang lain 😀

lan,berlager pusat dengan ‘chinyu’ eh? hehheheheheh
sorry la para dokte,anda dah direject oleh NH 😛

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Chinyu lawa wa cakap lu. Nanti gua twitpic okeh 😛

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blowie wrote on January 19, 2010 #5

There was this Malay supervisor with undeniably horrible English, asked me to use earplugs on the rig floor. He could just tell me that in Malay, but he opted to speak in English, which somehow made me laugh like hell deep down inside.

I said “Kejap, saya pegi ambik kat bawah”. He was stunned, couldn’t believe his ears that I was talking in fluent Malay.

“Laaa…ingatkan orang Myanmar. Pehal la nama ko macam tu…” he said, while his finger pointing at my printed name on the coverall.

I guess both of us are in the same shoes.

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NoktahHitam replied #1

HAHAHHAAHAH. Nak mintak sedekah depan pon lepas ni. First place to test, Nasi Ayam Damansara 😛

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Mind replied #1

Jom! Mane tau dapat 50-buck note… =)

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Mind wrote on January 19, 2010 #6

haha.. we all have diff but interesting story about our names haha ^_^
as mine.. name yg almost semua kaum guna, so when a client call, they always ask me malay or chinese or indian.. haha ^_^

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NoktahHitam replied #1

What is your name? Ini macam teka teki je ni.

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Lolo replied #1

haha.. if i wanna reveal my name, ofcos la dah lama bgtau ^_^ yeehaa!

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Lolo wrote on January 19, 2010 #7

[…] saya jumpa Blogger Azman , isterinya dan Edwin ( entri di sini) saya […]

hoh! bkn je name ko mcm sarawak/sabah, prangai ko pun cam org sane, agak hyperaktip & byk crita. hohoho

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naz wrote on January 20, 2010 #9

be proud of your name. uncommon, unique. in my case, my name is unique as well, and people find it hard to pronounce. in university, they even ask me whether im a local or not. haha. they thought im from indonesia/myanmar/thailand/japan or something.

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komaputih wrote on January 20, 2010 #10

masa mula – mula tengok profile hang, aku ingat hang ni orang apa, melayu ke.. ada la jugak tanya si Roslan tu, dia ada terangkan semuanya..

haha.. nama unik ok la..

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luth textile wrote on January 21, 2010 #11

cakap pasal nama ni, nama saya sendiri pun, walopun berciri keIslaman, tapi sebab orang x penah dengar dan lihat, jadi sentiasa ditanya apa maksudnye.. dan saya sendiri ada masalah nak pronounce nama ni, skrg jer yakin nak sebut..
then bila datang ke Sabah & Sarawak ni pulak, orang2 sini kata saya ni mmg asal sini bila tengok pada ejaan nama tu.. tidakkk.. saya orang Semenanjung..
tapi saya bangga dengan nama saya yang boleh dipelbagaikan dari segala sudut.. 😛

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Dami wrote on January 21, 2010 #12

been long time not coming here.. bz bro

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haritz wrote on January 22, 2010 #13

hoho, mana idaknya. nama edwin, tgk muka melayu. lagi mau tya banyak la. hehe, tp kalau teman wat dunno jek. 😛 kat u aku ni, byk cina ng siam. muka cam melayu. klu tak kenal mmg kena tya tak g semayang jumaat ke? hehe

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mohdisa wrote on January 25, 2010 #14

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