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noktah-hitam-malaysia-top-1000_1246768909143.pngI was doing my routine traffic check, I came across this one, from MalaysiaTop1000.

Although I am excited enough having someone posting my blog up there, however he/she missed one important detail. A very niche market I would say.

I want to MARRY a Doctor!

Anyway, thank you for the vote of confidence. Let’s just hope in years to come, I’ll be posting stories about my kins 😛

ps: mastering Boyce Avenue – With You. Gosh it’s tough to hit the note!


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  1. u really need to advertise that fact, dont u? lol

  2. perlu ditekankan di situ bahawasanya anda mahu berkahwin dengan seorang doktor..!! hehehe..

  3. Marrying a doctor means that you are willing to sleep alone occasionally.

  4. nak kawen dgn doktor apa

  5. I sleep alone on my king size bed everynight, that doesn’t bother me 🙂 It is tough to make my bed, thats why I only occupy 1/4-th of the bed 😀

  6. nak kawen ghupernyerrr..

  7. ha ah. doktor apa? 😎


  9. That’s great, man. And it must be challenging. Less time together, on call – that’s the fact that will make u stronger 😮

    As always, I pray for your happiness 😆

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