Westerners Vs Easterners


1. Pak Lah Boss is always right korek korek korek πŸ˜›

This is an illustration by Ching (?) who was born in China and currently studying in Germany.


2. Go to mens room together? πŸ™„


3. We have wicked ways to get to point B. πŸ˜•


4. Modernization, no regards for traditional qualities. 😈


5. Plus minus 10 minutes please. :vangry:


6. Simplicity vs Complexity πŸ˜•


7. Two faced, cover ups and more lies. ❗


8. This happens during Mega Sale :XO:


9. Population per square feet. 😯


10. Hold hands and sign shala-lala? :up:


11. Life has its ups and downs. :down:


12. We need camera to capture the moment.. who doesn’t? 😎


13. Can anyone suggest? πŸ˜•


14. I like noodles and ramen. :up:


15. It’s hot in Malaysia, thanks to your CFC contribution. :vangry:


16. So what if we love our kids? :up:


17. We cuddle when it rains. 😈

The blue are westerners and red being easterners. Got something to say? Comments please.

Edited using photoscape.


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  1. a nice desciptions

  2. this is nice. in some ways, the Easterners seems a bit complicated, i guess. I believe it has something related to our culture.

    aishah’s last blog post..Chasing cars…

  3. #13: asians tend to avoid the issue at hand while mat sallehs confront and deal with it, non?

  4. wahh, i can see the comparison. two different culture presented in image. very nice.

  5. Ci monsieur! the closest i’d say or rather, korek korek korek.

  6. definitely the culture πŸ™„

  7. No.5: This is one thing that I wish the Asians (especially Malaysians) will learn from the westerners .. Punctuality! I’ve been complaining about this several time myself in my blog LOL.. Have to let go of MRT (Malaysia Rubber Time) habit hehe ..

    melbie’s last blog post..I Guess…

  8. No 13 tu kononnya diorang sedia merempuh onak dan duri, manakala kita sentiasa mengelak cabaran. Kononnyer laaa… No 10 aku tak paham…

    ImamKhalid’s last blog post..WordPress 2.3.3 sudah terbit

  9. aku rase bile dorg training rugby kot. kite buat bulat, dorg cari pair-pair utk angkat2. ntah.. aku pon tak paham.

  10. tapi culture kite unik..better preserve it kan

    syia’s last blog post..O2 mati!!

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