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Long ago in 80’s, I told my dad of my intention to become an architect. I was 5, all I wanted to do is draw 😀

Sadly, my secondary school doesn’t present me with an art stream education and I became least interested after witnessing mat-art‘s (art freak’s) work. So I became an engineer, not by choice but because I didn’t want to upset my dad ❓

My dad was an engineer, cold and technical. I didn’t want to be him 😡

I was offered Computer Science course at UTM but I declined. He wants me to be an engineer. And so I did for the past 7 years of my life. I wanted him to be happy, happy that I am doing this for him, but he expected more 🙄

And here I am, bits-and-torn, what am I exactly? Everyday HRs introduces with new positions in the Web industry. So let me tell you a bit about Web positions (from my point of view).

Web Designer – Main expertise, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. He can smoothen your face within minutes!

Web Programmer – Geeks who mull over script. He’s responsible for hacking your credit card or your user ID

Web Master – A-hole. Main expertise, ban people from forums. He’s they guy your dad warned about.

Web Developer – A programmer but with business sense. They’re the one who sold YouTube for 2Billion.

Web Architect – From the power supply to the click “Go” guy. He makes sure that A-to-Z is in order. He’s a pain in the ass ❗

Blogger – Overqualified journalist. They’re likely to stalk other blogs for info. Also known as New Age Vampire.

Web Addicts – Common among citizens who have nothing to do, although in front of the WholeWideWorld.

Web Gamer – A creature who doesn’t eat or sleep or blink in 10 hours (or more). Good, save us food supply 😮

What happens if someone is all of the above? 😥

ps: Happy 1st year Anniversary to me (web developer) :up:

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