Web Amenities and It’s Misfortune

Long ago when I started Negaraku! I wanted to fulfill my undying hunger for quality materials. It did at first. Now that it’s useful, it’s becoming a burden to manage entries.


Another site to note, Friendster.com. If you happened to linger about the web a lot, you’ll notice there’s many vigilante booing the social networking site. It’s ok to whine about it’s downtime, but name callings and cursings? Wow, you’d do that after serving you for so many years? Did you pay for their services?   😡

It’s like telling the Milo-man, who gives out free helpings to exhausted athletes, their chocolate drink looked like mixed stools. Yet, you ask for a second helping.

Read, FREE. Think a little will you?   🙄

I guess it’s true, we really like to exploit free services and use it to our advantage. Just look at our parks, public toilets, phone booth, just how bad it ‘stinks’? They exist (with cost of course) to make your life easier. I’m not going to be your mom and grind you to bits about civics-mindedness. For once, please be sensible   😈

So, any future Admin candidate for Negaraku! ? Let me know.

ps: Negaraku! is a U (general) rated site. Any obscene, bad stench and the likes will be removed without prior notice.

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