We Want Yamaha XJ6 Naked

My latest rambling about superbike was the ER6-N of ER6-F. Unfortunately, after hearing the 2 cylinder engine, I was no longer interested in the model. I mean no offense to present owner of ER6-N, but the sound is somewhat inferior to 4 cylinder engine.

We Want Yamaha XJ6 Naked

This is the naked version. Such beast can only be tamed by a MAN!

Presently, Yamaha Malaysia manufactures the XJ6 Diversion. This is the one with fairings and seriously it looks rather timid for a super bike. A super bike has to be aggressive looking. In a semi-crotch position waiting to attack, unfortunately, Diversion lacks that.

I wrote an email to Yamaha Malaysia, asking them to import the Naked model. Their reply was if they see a sizable market and demand, they will do it. So I’m doing everyone in Malaysia a favor by starting a list to register your interest. You can do so by filling in the form below.

Alternatively, you can share the form by using this link: http://bit.ly/xj6naked

Don’t worry about getting pushed to buy, and I will definitely not solicit your email.

ps: Good news is, my wife allowed me to get the bike 🙂


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  1. Bro kalo ko nak ramai support ko post dekat forum MBC .. malaysianbikers.com.my

  2. Pls bring that awesome bike..
    Love naked bike so much..
    Don’t let malaysian bikers down YAMAHA..

  3. I plan to buy z 750 but wait for xj6 naked 1st

  4. Itu laa… not sure coming or not. Dah tak sabar rasenye ni.

  5. woho.. aku belum sampai seru utk yg besar2.. tgh tunggu KTM duke 200 (dgn penuh kesabaran…) haha

  6. Aku dengar Duke 200 sampai 130kmh je? Ntah betul tidak

  7. cepat keluarkan ..before change mood to kawa..

  8. salam nak tanye yamaha naked xj6 dah keluar kat malaysia ke belum

  9. Just to say Hi – I drive Yamaha XJ600 Naked.
    And I am a woman – it is not just man toy 🙂

  10. Sweet ride. Don’t mean to be sexist. 😉

  11. XJ6 naked dah ade kat HLY..nak jual bile tu tak tau la plak..

  12. Really?? Hot damn! Ni rase nak beli yg tu jugak! Hahaha

  13. cam ner jadi ke xj6n ni nak keluar kat Malaysia

  14. Tak tahu lah. Saya dah beli ER6N dah. Tapi tgk dari segi kualiti, XJ6 mcm lembut skit plastik die.

  15. Aku syak adyamin ni dah kena warning dgn HLY. Sbb tu dia U-turn & buat pengakuan “palsu” yg gambar tu semua photoshop

    Kot ye pun photoshop, yg aku percaya part watermark yg ada tulis URL blog adyamin tu je

    P/s: agak2 la weh..takkan semua benda dlm dunia ni blh di “superimposed”, ada “pelanduk 2 serupa” atau “video hanya besi”

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