We Want Yamaha XJ6 Naked

My latest rambling about superbike was the ER6-N of ER6-F. Unfortunately, after hearing the 2 cylinder engine, I was no longer interested in the model. I mean no offense to present owner of ER6-N, but the sound is somewhat inferior to 4 cylinder engine.

This is the naked version. Such beast can only be tamed by a MAN!

Presently, Yamaha Malaysia manufactures the XJ6 Diversion. This is the one with fairings and seriously it looks rather timid for a super bike. A super bike has to be aggressive looking. In a semi-crotch position waiting to attack, unfortunately, Diversion lacks that.

I wrote an email to Yamaha Malaysia, asking them to import the Naked model. Their reply was if they see a sizable market and demand, they will do it. So I’m doing everyone in Malaysia a favor by starting a list to register your interest. You can do so by filling in the form below.

Alternatively, you can share the form by using this link: http://bit.ly/xj6naked

Don’t worry about getting pushed to buy, and I will definitely not solicit your email.

ps: Good news is, my wife allowed me to get the bike 🙂

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