We Need to Educate People at CIMB ATM

How messed up is this?

We Need to Educate People at CIMB ATM

It looks like the Setiawangsa branch was hit by a tornado.

We Need to Educate People at CIMB ATM

The bin is just there given 5 feet or so, why do you have to mess up the floor? Parents, teach your kids some manners please. Another thing we could do is, place a banner or reminder telling people to put where the unused printed receipt. Better yet, don’t print them, send SMS for every transaction done at a bank.


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  1. something is wrong with our education system.

  2. Personally, school has taught us well. Most guru besar I’ve known has given advise about throwing your rubbish into the bin. But bad examples from parents are not helping.

  3. Even if there is a banner or reminder, people will tend to littering anyway. Not only ATM places, even dumpsters are scattered with rubbish.

    Bad examples from parents, and not to mention people surrounding you.

  4. btol tu, perbuatan melalui teladan.
    ibu bapa tunjukkan yang salah maka itulah perkara “betul” yang anak-anak bakal buat.

  5. Dekat Caltex ade Maybank ATM. Ade jugak tanda bubuh dlm tong sampah. Mmg dlm tong sampah je pergi nye. Kene bubuh tanda, sekurang2 nye ade pesanan orang orang yg bangang nak mampus.

  6. Idea terima sms tu memang menarik..tp kat mana2 atm pun sama..kadang tong sampah sebelah kaki je pun buang kat lantai resit dia.

  7. I think, in general, Malaysians are kiasu and not sensible when it comes to ATM.

    As I observe many people at the ATM, they will take whatever ‘free offering’ given to them. Banks these days are offering if you want to print your transaction slip. Most will press the ‘Yes’ button, wait for the slip to be printed, glance at their balance for 2 seconds, and then throw it away.

    You SHOULD know how much money left in your bank anyway, right?

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