We Need This By Tomorrow

It’s funny how I have to dump my whole Doomi (to-do list). I’ve actually sorted out, what needs to be done by priority. Unfortunately my clients do not hold any of their punches. I’m extremely busy, probably the busiest month ever in life.

Back when I was an engineer, the only difficulties I had was managing my underlings, because they don’t listen and time management problems. But works can be delegated. Now I’m running the show alone, it’s a bigger hurdle to leap.

Paper works, design works and consultation needs special attention. And since I am less likely to trust other (freelancers under me), I do it myself. Now it’s overflowing my desk, desktop (pc) and some even made it to my bed.

Client A: I need this by tomorrow, is it possible?

Client B: I actually want this next week, but tomorrow ok?

Client C: The boss wants to review this tomorrow, help me!?

I don’t normally take No for answer, afterall, I’m chasing all this work in hope that I can meet my monthly installments. Let’s just hope they can expedite the payment. I hate chasing invoices.

In a way, I think it’s good that clients push the dateline. I’ll have lesser pending works, lesser procrastination, higher efficiency and maximum output. I know I work best under pressure.

The downside, irregular sleeping pattern, no social life, less observant of my surrounding and miss game-time with Emok.

Oh well, let’s just stick to the quote, “It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious“. I am both   😛

ps: I think I’m losing hair

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