Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Aisyah has been harassing me the idea of wall climbing a long time ago. I thought it’d be nice to follow her adventurous nature. How hard can wall climbing be?

So today I did and it was possibly the hardest thing I’ve tried!

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

The event was organized at Extreme Park Section 13 Shah Alam. If you’re coming here via GPS, find Burger King, it’s much easier to find.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

It was organized by sickchild72, she used to work here. The turnout was a lot, but only 9 took the challenge to climb the walls. By walls, I mean a few of them.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Zelo55 was about my body size, proposition that is. We both kinda failed the same thing. I don’t take failure as a challenge, it’s part of our limitations. Most importantly, overcoming vertigo, which I doubt most would do.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

The girl who stalks me. She succeeded in climbing all the walls, except for one.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

The second hardest wall to climb, she managed. I didn’t but I’m so proud of her. It comes with the age, I don’t have the tenacity to wall this one. I found myself gasping for breath, exhausted and slight vertigo. It was the finger that couldn’t keep up with my body weight.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

I’m pretty sure they were checking out some girl’s ass. Hahaha

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Was it sickchild72‘s ass? I don’t know.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Akmal and Api in the winners league. They conquered all the walls easily.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Later on we had dinner at Burger King, like 20 meters away. I had to wait for a while since my hands were trembling. I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up to an aching body tomorrow. Either signs of unfit or old? I reckon it’s the former. Oh well, I had fun 🙂

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

Thank you sickchild72 for organizing this event. Next up, “sky trek”. I don’t know what it is but I think it’ll be fun. Till then.

Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park Wall Climbing @ Extreme Park

ps: All of my wall climbing photo is in potrait mode, so, I don’t think adding it here is a good idea. Looks like I’m being vain. Damn.


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  1. gambar aku tu tgh watpe? ekeke

  2. yeahhhhhhhhh
    i win
    i win
    i win
    yeehhhaaaaaa 🙂

  3. fuh, i’ve to make sure i’ll not miss the sky trex twtup.heee.this one seriously look funnn gilaa even mcm extreme n menggayatkan.heee

  4. Sky Trex tu dkat sgt dengan rumah aku. Nanti bgtau lah bila nak pegi. Aku tak penah try pun 😉

  5. pergh.. da lama x climbing!

    since i gained a little weight (a little!).. i go for futsal, jogging or cycling.. much easier.. gwaha.

    * hiking could be fun.

  6. if it wasn’t because of my aching hand after 3 games of basketball…
    you’ll see me climbing those walls…

  7. tengok orang lain climbing pun dah rasa penat. huhu.

  8. melepas T___T

  9. kne bayar balik hutang kat batu tu eddy oi!

  10. Too bad. maybe next time ade kot?

  11. Jom la follow wahai director. (director pon kene stay fit dak?)

  12. hmm. sib baik aku datang lambat, kalo tak dah panjat semua dinding kat situ.. *ayat tipu*

  13. COOL~

  14. argghhh…datang lambat…tensen..ada keje..
    kalau x, mesti dapat panjat sampai atas..hahhaa..
    anyway gembira dpt jumpa smua smlm..
    xsabar nak join skytrex nnti..

  15. wahaha..
    “conquered all the walls easily”..

    not that easy la bro..^^

  16. Ahad keje ape plak ni sukur? Ahad mase utk relax and chill.

  17. Ko serious nak panjat? Aku sanggup bayarkan kalau ko nak panjat

  18. Kene workout balik la. Lendu smcm cmne nak panjat?

  19. Hiking is fun minus the mosquitoes. Hahaha Anak manje ni.

    I can’t do futsal. It’s too rough for me. Unless I play with elder ones.

  20. Alright! I’ll make sure to advertise it next time.

  21. yeye Aisyah lagi hebat yeye hahaha

  22. dude.. looks like tough climbing those wall… wanna try it.. haha..

  23. aku bab ni gayat

  24. oke saye senyuppp
    tgu next
    komfem goyang lutut after trn skytrex tu

  25. ayat aman kecoh. kah kah. datang je tadpi panjat satu batu pun takde… kekeke

  26. I have to try rock climbing oneday to stop my fear of height.

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