Utusan Does It Again, Twist-Twist-Twist

I quit reading Utusan Malaysia ages ago. It’s downright boring.

DAP Hina Islam? DAP Hina Islam

That’s a heavy headline. Like you, my curiosity spiked, so I bought a copy. My disappointment, nothing seems to be “sensational” about it. It’s a marketing gimmick and I wasted my good loose change.

And guess what? Lim Guan Eng will sue Utusan for the false accusation.

I’m not into journo nor media publications. But I believe if one were to write about something, it should be as blunt and honest as can be. Else end up wasting trees, not to mention time and money.

Me? I’m scheming onto something. So make sure you believe everything šŸ˜ˆ

ps: And it does look like it’s working šŸ˜€

pss: I thought journalism is based on passion, no?

psss: Who shares my enthusiasm to ditch media, raise your hands!

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