Unsung Rumour

There’s a rumour going on the office and it’s about me! Someone told my boss, that I plan on resigning next month.

WTF? I just joined 6 months ago and barely learned anything, what makes me want to go? I love my work, my environment, the people I work with and most importantly, the sit-back-relax-but-work mode. Very stress free (I assure you, I am pretty much stressed up, but only revolves around work).

Seriously, if anyone would like to spread rumours, at least make it a cool one, like I’m banging the front desk girl or exchanged punches with the MD. Anything lower than that wouldn’t be something of my appetite. Booo!

ps: I hate that vuvuzela sound on live telecast, annoying, kinda like the rumor 🙂

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