UMNO Wants to be CEOs of GLC




Ok stop, anymore I’ll probably burst my guts.

You know UMNO had an assembly at PWTC last week, so in one of their speech was wanting CEO’s seat of GLC. He said this will help boost the Malays economy!

What a lot of bulls!

First, how do you think by giving to UMNO it will boost Malay economy? They’ll probably give money to their cronies and practice of cronyism is really bad for any developing nation. This is bullshit.

Second, qualifications. Do you think law graduates (most politicians are lawyers) can do sales, manage people, understand business needs etc? Not that they can’t, but probably wouldn’t be as efficient. There are many pre-requisite qualities needed to become CEOs, even the present ones are having problems. MAS is having problem, TNB making further loss, Proton is still stuck on their windscreen. It’s about know how, not know who.

Third, ini bukan main masak-masak ok!

Sources: MalaysiaKini

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