UM Pharmacy Night, Congrats Baizura


No, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s my cousin. Again no, she’s not available. Yeah, she won the ‘Miss Congeniality’.

Last weekend, I find myself in the midst of prom UM’s pharmacy prom night. It was rather unusual for me to attend such function (I don’t really like the idea of dressing up). I sat with my whole family, including cousins and aunt. My uncle was supposed to give a speech, but something came up, he had to attend to his priority. He was replaced by his assistant. bai3.jpg

It was held at the Legend Hotel. I did enjoy the food and company, however I disliked the performances and ever LOUD speaker behind my back. Ughh, it was agonizing the whole time, the whole time (I had to repeat).

I don’t know whether its me or my ‘reversed engineering’ sense, but the (hired) magicians’ trick was exposed within seconds. However, I did applaud for his funny remarks and gestures.


Don’t ask me who they are, I don’t know.

The event was a success. We went back around 11.30 pm. I’m very sure the VVIPs were pretty tired having to sit for 3 hours, I know I was. Congrats to the team who managed the entire event and thanks for the goody bag!

Baizura, congratulation on winning the Miss Congeniality contest. Your PR skills was a splash! Really noteworthy.


Original picture. It took me 2 hours (plus) to get the top-most image done. Method: Vectored, Sketched, Gaussed, Texted & Overlayed.

PS: It was an eye opener! (you know what I mean)
PSS: Too bad she’s taken. It’s her lost, not mine, right Bai? Hahaha.


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  1. lu puji da ke, lu nak kutuk dia aa?
    (gua konfius jap..)

  2. I want to congratulate my cousin, at the same time, whine about the loud sound.

    Kutuk? If this is ‘kutuk’ than I am really being kind. I usually whack people hard.

  3. oh? Ko nak try? Kalau boeing 747 orang bole hijack, inikan pule seorang awek. Hahaha

  4. nice one! a success event. I was there toO. gosh! u have to look at the chicks there. It will make u blind in one eye. haha~

  5. you know that ‘girl’ right? Well, she’s taken.. kuang3. I called bai asked about her.

  6. Woo.. Miss Congeniality? Caya la~

    She’s cute, she’s a pharmacist-to-be, and she’s a Miss Congeniality. That’s super cool.

    nono’s last blog post..Stardust

  7. Miss Congeniality deserves it! No videos?

  8. wut? she is taken? deym.. baru nak anta resume. haha!

  9. oh my god!! bai jd Miss Congeniality ??? wahahaha.congrats. well edwin ur cousin choose to be taken.hahaha.nk buat cmne long as she’s happy with her bf ;p

    congrats bai!! i miss u.hihi

  10. apadaa…
    name die bai?
    bai tu bukan benggali jual roti ke?
    selamber dingdong je gune name bai…
    BAI…BAI…pass bola kat aku BAI…

  11. skit je bai, skit je…

    aissshh.. tu mcm main rugby plak. hahaha

  12. Miss Congeniality? takleh kalah ni..
    tp Mr Congeniality ade ke??

  13. wow! nice nice.. I also dun like to attend such function.. i like sit at home and watch movies.. ehehe.. cuci dah kuar.. jom tgk..[sorry off-topic]

    Aizat’s last blog post..Taszara Stats For January

  14. waa…cannot believe this..baizura my schoolmate,my housemate last 2 years..senyap2 je menang award…haha..anyway yup she’s taken..hahahaha

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