UiTM For Non Bumi’s, My Take

I woke this morning to a Dejavu, UiTM for Non-Bumi’. I care not to read further, the headlines is pretty much self-explanatory. I’ve also made up my mind whom I’m siding a long time ago.

UiTM for Non-Bumi’s! That’s what I’m for. Call me a racist, I don’t care. Call me ignorant, I don’t mind. Call me stupid, I know how intelligent I am. Call me a traitor, God will judge me.

UiTM is undoubtly a place where many bumi graduates was born. It’s so successful, that it’s capable of producing at least 20k graduates every year. With such a large figure, have you wondered about the quality?

If I were to conclude, this is a result of having too many Malays in one place, it resonants their bad attributes. Malay is an inferior race. You talk down to them, they’ll throw a toilet bowl in your face. Malay can’t accept critics, be it constructive ones. Lazy, Manja etc, you know what a Malay is like.

An urge to win against another. ‘We can’t let Chinese get the top ten!’ This is rather racist but it produces great results. It’s somewhat a motivation. And obviously we all love progress.

Do away with the federal constitution. It was drafted in the 80’s. We are bigger, smarter and wiser now. For heaven’s sake, we are undertaking this silly thing called globalisation. So why the set back?

UiTM is the most affordable way to get a degree. In fact, it’s cheapest education you can ever get in Malaysia. It was established for mid-low class group of Malays. Having said that, I saw a few students driving imported cars around the campus. ‘Parents ko sep duit ke?’ If you can afford an education, go ahead. Leave your spot for others.

Malay is still poor, we need that uni. So you think you’re poor? What about Indians who lived in a junk yard or estate? Chinese family who lives in a 1 room flat? That’s probably an extreme case, but I know a friend who came to uni with enough fare for LRT and a bottle of water everyday. Sometimes she brings food from home. She made it, but to look back at what she went through, it’s rather uncanny.

While we’re striving to save our ass-es, we mustn’t forget others as well. We all have the same blood color, only origin that separates us apart. We say, we’re ‘bersopan santun’ and courteous, well, ARE WE?

Hot chick factor. Wouldn’t you like to see Chinese chicks in Baju Kurung? Enough said.

I wish not to generalized UiTM student, but this is a democratic country, and in democracy, majority rules. However, I am a minority, feel free to bash me, I’ll take you on.

In the end, it’ll be like MRSM, open for all but many non-bumi rejected the offer

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