Two Nephews!

I have two nephews now! Two Pendekars!

One from my younger brother, that’s his first child. Born on 22nd of October, coincidentally share the same birth date with his cousin. This little fighter’s name is ‘Azeem.

Another one was born today, my eldest brother’s second child. It was a surprise since the doc couldn’t figure out whether its a boy or girl. No name yet (macam pendekar tanpa nama).

There’s also a possibility that I’ll get married before Ramadhan next year. Sure meriah gile kampung! (both picture will be uploaded.. when I get the chance to snap them)

ps: Pokai la Pak Ngah kasi duit raya. Hahahha


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  1. aww… kira last raya aritu, last raya as a bachelor. anyway, tahniah.

  2. You both are gonna make some cute babies! Erkk.

  3. congratulation in advanced dude…

  4. Aku citer pasal nephews la, not getting hitched! Thanks anyway

  5. Ingat mimpi itu hari, anak kembar lagi. InsyaAllah.

  6. haha~ yeay~ more babies. i like!!
    nway sometimes it’s really hard to scan baby tu girl or boy~ tgk saja pada scan yang cuma black n white n kurang comel itu~ n sometimes doc xnak gtau sbb tkt misleading plak~ hee.. ^_^

    nway congrats pak ngah

  7. Kenape congrats kt aku plak? Hahaha

    Yes, babies best, kalau die ngamuk la. Ko punye turn tak lame lagi je.

  8. ha~ congrats la bcoz of 2 things~ko dah jd dpt anak buah n ko kat ckp nak bina masjid xlame lgi~ ^_^

    owh..dont ask me when is my turn~ wait n c.. haha~ i oso donno la bro~

  9. hahah kalau kembar susah woo. banyak belanja! :p

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