Tumpang Lalu La!

Everyone was rushing down the escalator, but I decided to relax and jumped into the elevator, so were other makciks and pakciks. I was probably the youngest in the crowd. Like I said, I wanted to relax and I wasn’t in a rush.

As I was holding the door for others, a pakcik came marching and ran into my back. I was sandwiched to the wall. I didn’t want to scold him for his rough behavior. I’ll let him slide. (Control high blood konon).

The car was considerably packed, everyone fought for their space. It would definitely be a mess if someone farts. Thank God, nothing exotic happened.

The door slowly opened, the same pakcik pushed everyone aside, being selfish as ever making his way out.

This pakcik needs some schooling. Allow me to introduce some anarchy here.

I held his bag and let everyone passed. Everytime he asked me to let go, I pretended not to hear and kept my grip firmer. One hand on top of the other.

Ko ni apehal? Kurang ajar ke? He yelled at me.

Lain kali, kalau nak cepat keluar, masuk last sekali. Itu pon tak reti ke? I replied.

Too me, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old fart or a hot girl with a pierced tongue. Just as long as you know how to respect others. Here’s an example.

(taken from wazari using SniperTool)

ps: Tak malu ke jadi orang tue yang tak bersopan?

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