Tuang Kerja Bersama En. S

Sometimes I wonder what happens if I kept my previous job as an Engineer.

I know I would have a stable steady flow of income even if I under perform. I would have to wake up everyday at 645 am and get stuck in bad traffic on the way to work, romancing my teddy bears while waiting for the red lights to turn green. Listen to radio DJs making fun of themselves. Look at the lady in the next car, picking her nose and giggle alone.

My job as an Engineer covers everything. From initiating business contacts all the way to commissioning of project. It’s a little bit of everything, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and management. Also includes, paperwork, design drawings, contract draft, everything. All the boss had to do was pen down his signature and comment on the work.

I was restless. On bad times, I had to single-handedly handle 5 projects.

Life was tough. It certainly doesn’t help when the boss was my own father. He didn’t reserved any ammo when it’s that time of the month. When I was young, I rarely get to him. So, working for him, to me, was just to make up the loss time. Although it was aggravating, I learned a lot from my old man.

Life as a web developer is tough too. Often I am overwhelmed with envy when I look at my other engineer friends. They’re pretty much stable. I on the other hand, earns inconsistently. Sometimes a little too short, sometimes a little too much, most of the time, non at all. But life to me, is a little too short to worry about money (praise to God, I earn enough to make it through every months).

Yesterday, S dropped by on his way north. He is now officially unemployed while waiting to join a new company next month. S is also a proud father to a 2 weeks old boy. Congratulations to him.

Although I had tonnes of work on my to-do list, I had to cease this rare opportunity. He was alone afterall (his wife and kid was back in the hometown).

We went bowling. For early birds, 3 games – RM9.90. We bowled 7 games!

I am a terrible bowler. While most people bowled for points, I bowled for style. I love to spin the ball. Too much force will end me in the gutter, too little doesn’t help either. If there’s one game you’d like to beat me at, choose bowling (but I still win when it comes to style).

One thing I liked about bowling is creating funny names.

The first game. Eddie Kacak vs Skis Handal. Me 68, S 91 points.

Changing to a more optimistic name scored me 74 points. S 137 points.

A humble name certainly doesn’t help. 67 for me, S 119 points.

The girl on the next lane burst in laughter when she saw my name. 104 points (new record!), S 110 points.

A political game doesn’t help either. 75 points for me, S 110 points

Bowling seriously got me ONLY 42 points, while S 101 points

Using my real name pours the luck on my opponent. 73 for me, 191 for S with 6 strikes! S was using his sons’ name.

So now you see, why I chose to be a web developer, it’s the freedom of working at my own pace and capacity. Time is indispensable. Worrying about work is not what I had aligned. While most lived to reach their first million and have a lavish car, I’d rather live my life for the sake of living my life. That being said, doesn’t mean I’m a lazy bum.


“I’d like to falter many times and learn from them, than be cautious and not learn anything”. This quote applies to all aspect of life, including bowling.

So who wants bowl? No lawn bowl please.

ps: My wrist hurts so bad πŸ™„

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