Tribute to Galvanizers


My galvanizers Megat Junid, Adlan Benan and Heath Ledger passes away.

Megat Junid (MCKK)

He gave a speech to us when I was in school. Although my dad said it was his political interest, I beg to differ.

In order to become successful, one has to abide the first word of Quran, READ! Many of my friends dropped out (in academics), however they kept reading. Today, they are somebody and so will you, if you READ.

It was something like that (I was in Pak Lah’s mode the entire time). Reading is something I hate most. I prefer the thinking game, it’s just an extension of mind. As I grow older, I grew fond of reading. Hence, where I am now, but I still hate reading. May he be placed amongst the honorable and pious of people

Adlan Benan aka Ben ’90 (MCKK)


Though I’ve never met him in person, I know this guy has the ‘aura’ to inspire people. He was once offered a position in the Government, but rejected it, proclaiming that the person he will be working for, is ‘dirty’.

It’s amazing how some people manage to touch so many hearts. Ben was such a character. Meet him once, and you will never forget him. And I have a feeling he also never forgets you. I read somewhere in cyberspace that he used to tell people that he doesn’t wish to live long. He wants to rush through and strike at everything he passes; just like a meteorite. That he really did. -Zaim Al-Amin

May he be placed amongst the honorable and pious of people.

Heath Ledger

Who could ever forget this guy from 10 Things I hate about You and A Knight’s Tales (and many more)? I grew up watching him. Anyway, he was among my favorite Hollywood star. (Though not sure in real life whether he’s gay or not after watching Brokeback Mountain). May he rest in peace.

I know, but there’s also drums, bass, and maybe someday a tambourine. – One of his line in 10 Things I hate about You

January 2008

Life has to go on. We have to continue this fight (what ever you’re fighting for). Megat Junid, thank you for teaching me the importance of reading. Ben, an intellectual lost to the nation, no one could carry the flag like you did, thank you for opening my eyes. Heath Ledger, charming actor, you will still be my top 10.

What a sad January.

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