Transformers 2 Was A Let Down

Warning: Spoiler alert.

I’m sure many will disagree, so be it. I’m free to write anything as I please.

The highly anticipated movie is finally here, Transformers 2, The Return of the Fallen. Like other young adults, I’ve waited this moment for 2 years. 2 months before the launch date, I’d watch the trailer once every other day. And when the time comes, Optimus Prime failed me.

Transformers 2

This time around, all eyes are on Megan Fox. Strangely enough, I don’t find her alluring like most boys and her acting doesn’t put me at the edge of my seat. She’s there to attract audience using her hotness. And I don’t appreciate that. It’s about robots, not a girl.

Too much fight scene. Not all scenes are bad, but somehow the fight goes on and on, metal scraping, scratching, pulling but you can’t really see a thing unless you put it on slow-mo.

American Superiority. Everything, I mean everything is to show how great American military are. One minute the bots were fighting, the next, Epps brought on the rain (bombarding the ground). Again, I’m here to see bots!

Too many characters, you start asking, “Eh? What happened to that guy?”.

Lack of Emotion. There’s a romantic scene but coupled with Simmons (the S7 guy), everything falls to the ground. So what’s the point again? Plus Shia laBeouf and Megan Fox can’t really express emotions that well. I’d prefer Justin Long and Missy Peregrym.

Compared to the first one, Transformers 2 was a major let down. Especially on the story line. Too jumbled up and excessive of everything, including the scripts. It’s a simple movie with complicated scenes.

Still, to me, Michael Bay is awesome but can’t beat his Armageddon

ps: Can’t wait for Inglourious Basterds

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