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I need your help.

Here’s the thing, I have to come out with a proposal that helps KTMB (our train operator) to get more passenger by year end. To do that, I proposed a free WiFi but the problem with it, is I don’t have substantial stats to support me. Therefore I’m asking your help to do the survey below.

It’ll be helpful if you can pass this link around . (Remember, FREE WIFI on TRAIN!)

ps: Thanks a bunch!


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  1. I’ve done the survey but I was just wondering WHY the emphasis on inter-city train? What about the commuter train that MOST of us use in the Klang Valley?

  2. Komuter and LRT, do you even have space to open your laptop? Most of us in Klang Valley would use phone. But can you really operate your phone in a jam packed train during peak hours? I don’t think so.

  3. I anticipated for this answer. But why then do you not consider the normal hours? And do you know how long does it take from KL Sentral to Rawang (on KTM)? Approximately 45 mins. That’s only HALF of the journey if you’re coming from Seremban.

    I don’t know about the older generation, but the younger generation – you can put them in a jam-packed train and yet, they will still be able to update their Twitter to say that they are in a jam-packed train!

  4. pergh.. ak baru tau pasal inter-city train.. o_0
    gud luck bro ngan survey nih..

  5. yeah i agree with atreyu here..

  6. Atreyu, trust me, I’m saving some ammo for my proposal. I have 7 proposals for KTMB to improve passenger experience 🙂

  7. survey done! really hope for the free wifi in the train..can waste time updating blog etc

  8. Ok cool. But maybe you should inform beforehand that the survey is about inter-city train because a “train survey” really got us to think that the survey is on normal train that we board on daily basis. I was almost disappointed when I found out that I’m not exactly the target user. Haha.

    You might think I’m trying to complicate things here, heh, but isn’t the purpose of a survey is to understand your target users? >.<

  9. It’ll be nice to have internet connection in a train. But it’s been a long time since I took a train up north.


  10. Done the survey. Its a nice idea but I wonder how the implementation going to be. But kudos!

  11. survey done!!!

  12. hari ni dua kali aku jawab survey ni.. hehe.. bagus idea ni…

  13. woih ni mcm mana officekami nak wat review ni betul2 mobile office ni. nonetheless. bila deadline? nnt aku post kat blog officekami 😀

  14. bro, aku akan buat satu entry malam ni khas utk benda ni 😉

  15. Aku support bende niYeayyy!

  16. Kenapa gambar aku keluar lain?/ Pelikk

  17. Not sure when lagi bro. Maybe end of May aku compile dlm proposal aku. Kalau nak buat review pon bole je. Sekarang ni, in talks dgn celcom plak. Suruh KTMB pakai Celcom

  18. Good job….wifi is good especially for a long hour journey….at least ppl have activity to do in the train b4 they arrived at their destination….and u should suggest they make plug for ppl to recharge the laptop battery:)

  19. salam. Aku suka blog kau. keep up the posting

  20. singgah mengklik ke sini 😛

  21. Is this possible? In ‘moving’ train?

  22. theoretically, it is possible. Using VSAT or FWA. The problem is the bandwidth, it’s not as big as a house broadband. But I heard max it can go to 50mbps. Not sure in Malaysia though. In Germany, it is possible.

  23. Why is everything has to be possible in other country first but not yet in Malaysia? *sigh*

    Are the Menteri[s] not using internet? Tade kesedaran ka?

  24. Cost of Technology and cost of living

    Basic calc here of an engineer who wants to buy a Mac Book Pro

    UK – 3000 pounds
    Malaysia – RM3000

    Mac Book Pro – RM 3899 / 999 pounds

    It applies not only to technologies, but also food and others.

    BTW, in UK, the freshgrad rate is 3000 pounds but Malaysia is 2200. Rugi jadi engineer kat Malaysia.

  25. Pitiful, rite? That’s why not enough professional here in Malaysia especially doctor.

    *di kelantan, orang dah x heran kerjaya doktor sebab kebanyakan yang hidup mewah kat sini adalah tokei2 perniagaan like cosmetics, batik & makanan

  26. aku suke kalau ada Wifi tu tp entahlah aku rasa lebih bagus depa naik taraf perkhidmatan sedia ada yg sentiasa lumpuh tu.

  27. Yg antara bandar, e.g. KL – Penang, jarang ade problem. Yg ade komuter je selalu. Ni target different department, different business model. Komuter tu, nanti aku ikhtiarkan.

  28. Not sure when lagi bro. Maybe end of May aku compile dlm proposal aku. Kalau nak buat review pon bole je. Sekarang ni, in talks dgn celcom plak. Suruh KTMB pakai Celcom

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