Total Freedom

They keep telling me, the best tool for a Web Developer is a Mac. Everything is there. I’ve read somewhere also that it’s built for the creative industry. Sadly, I’m not even in the market of buying one, yet.

It’s not really easy designing a web. The process and technology keeps improving by the minute. Even as experienced as I am, I usually get tangled between codes and designs.

Where did I save this? Where did I save that? Can I make it this way? How bout that way? Does this look good? Is this light enough? Minimalist enough? .. the never ending bucket load of questions never cease to end.

Then the software. “Use this, use that. Eh, this is better, use this.” Also series of recommendations on how to free yourself from designs and codes.

Personally, wearing nothing but a towel is TOTAL FREEDOM.

It’s cheapest solution I know, so far. (Try it, you might like it!)

Oh well. Maybe it’s just a series of bad habits I developed when I was in Uni.

ps: Geek meeting with @bat at Taman Connaught tonight. See yah

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