Top 10: Horniest Country

Who would’ve thought, Malaysia would be no 7.


We beat the English, Americans, Australians, the whole South East Asia and many other nations. Countries that toppled us are;

#6 Italy – Land of the Romes. Nude art is their specialty.

#5 Poland – Never been there. No idea Polish loves to polish ehem².

#4 China – When the government blocked Google due to it’s porno content, I was rather amazed. Now, not anymore.

#3 Russia – Quote,”in Moscow, Sharapova is everywhere”.

#2 Brazil – Look at Ronaldo, he divorced and turned to she-males. Euww.

#1 Greece – The land of the Gods (and Goddess). Enough said.

I’m starting to wonder, should we be proud being no 7? It screams hamsap[1. loose Cantonese accent, means horny] more than anything else. And why did we lose to Thais and Singaporean? Don’t they legalize prostitution? Oh well, read the full article here.

ps: I think people like Lochoe, Syam and Bong contributed most 😛

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