Too Busy

Over the past few weeks, I was busy preparing for my younger brother’s wedding, when I say busy, I mean really busy.

I did not have time to go online and if I did, I’d probably be checking emails from clients and rectifying the errors. I discarded external annoyance like flings or scandals. I even ditched friends along the way. Most people tout me as being emo or in ‘merajuk’ mood, but I assure you, not.

What were my responsibilities that kept me occupied?

For a start, dad renovates the house and I am being left in charged of the progress. Like I wrote before, 3 spanking new rooms, which involves water works, electrical, deco, tiles, curtains etc. It was a handful, fun and sometimes frustrating.

Next is the garden. Since we (all 4 brothers) pledge that our wedding will be at our house (no matter how VVIP were the guests), we had to keep our lawn clean. It doesn’t help with workers hanging their smelly cloth on our trees, pouring sands and cements on grass and destroying previous landscape we had. It was a slower progress during fasting months. But, it was worthwhile once the greenery kicks in (minus the mosquitoes).

Wedding deco. It was unsightful to see mother doing all the handcrafting herself. I lent a hand, also forced my younger brothers to help out too. There’s about 800 goodie bags, 100 bunga telur, not to mention the things that goes along with everything else.  Although there are ready made ones, making it ourselves saved us some huge bucks.

Aspiring photographer. I was appointed as the photographer. Clueless and newbie as I am, I had to crawl my way into photography. It was a pretty steep curve but it was worth it. I had to bring the 3kg dSLR everywhere I go, hoping to learn something new, what more, familiarize with the settings. The end result however disgust me (although some say otherwise), it was too average for me.

Cousins and Guest. Since we’re all pumped for the big day, we had visits day in day out from family friends and cousins helping us out. Now, I can’t exactly alienate myself in my room can I? That will surely dictate my religious responsibility, i.e. to be a good host.

By the end of the day, we’re all flat on the floor, drooling over our pillows.

Now, I’m (almost) free… Thank GOD!

Throughout the process, I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t Be Too Detailed! It’s tiring. Sadly, we all come in packages and the quest for perfection is something I can’t discard at my leisure.

ps: Will be writing funny stories about the wedding. Look forward 😉

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