Tony Fernandes, AirAsia, Labu and KLIA East

I have flatten all emotions, except cynic remarks.

In case you dont know where Labu is, there you go, Google Map.

Where is Labu
Labu or KLIA East is the dumbest idea to kick start 2009. Not only the airport whallops a hefty RM1.7 billion, but also to be build next to LCCT. Yes, two three international airports running side by side.

The idea springs when Tony said LCCT is tight, chummy and crowded. Seriously I don’t care whether you need to elbow your way to the counter. It’s your fault for wanting EVERYONE to fly. Wasn’t it you who introduced a NO FRILL airline?

Tony also said, they have commited to a few hundred fleet of AirBus and LCCT could no longer support AirAsia’s growth. Therefore, the government is going to bear the cost, which means US, the rakyat.

I guess that’s why he named it The Rakyat’s Terminal.

Think a little, RM1.7 billion is going to be spent to fulfill one man’s greed? What about the poor, the uneducated, the uninspired, orphans, single parent, the rubber tapper, the Nelayans? What about you? Is it beneficial? Or Tony only wants to fulfill our dreams to fly? Tony, what you want is a PARKING LOT not an airport.

For someone who’s name has been chanted in every entreprenuerial seminar in Malaysia, seriously, you can do better! (Not many know, he’s up there because of cronyism.)

Hands down to Khazanah for putting up with this. I was beginning to worry.

Which leaves me with this last question, IF AirAsia can afford AirBus-es, why not build their own airport and have Malaysian authority run them?

ps: Ok, not angry anymore.

pss: Don’t follow the arrow on the map, I was just going haywire


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  1. just for heads up…you might want to mute your laptop ! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. thanks for the heads up ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. Not going to shoot him. He’s darn optimistic, but instead I gave him some juice to ponder about ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. have u read chedet’s comments ?

  5. Yes I have. Garang/Tegas betul orang tue tu ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. future, more people become so greedy. just like him!

    maybe when we have a lot of money then our mind will be shrink wahaha.

  7. wenkt memang berangan… abaikan saja..

    {matilah aku pasni}

  8. I see your point there – He needs a new parking lot.

    I think it’s just a typical businessman with connections trying to justify everything implying that we the people needs it. The fact of the matter is he’s the one that really needs them.

  9. agree with your points.. this project should be revised back. beside the cost, it also need to consider the air traffic.. have 3 international airport which is near to each other only can cause more trouble..

    my idea is, move this 3rd international airport to somewhere else, terengganu for example.. why not? everything possible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. or Penang. lol

  11. I agree! Air Asia should build the airport with their own money if they really want one

  12. I don’t agree with building a new airport but your arguments against it is flaw. From my understanding, the new airport is private funding initiative (PFI) hence does not touch any of the tax payers money.

    Tony is right in saying that MAHB is slow to response and cannot support the growth of Air Asia. Hence the need for them to control their own destiny.

    My personal belief is that Tony should get MAHB to sell them a parcel of land (at reasonable price) which will utilise the KLIA facilities and hence making it a true hub.

  13. hmm, lemme think…way to make my dear old ‘Labu’ more famous on the world’s map? hahah, any dumb-ass can see it isn’t necessary.

    i guess now that he’s got his head waaay up there, he wouldn’t be able to see the ground. pity how sometimes success make people so stuck-up

  14. SUBANG,KLIA, LCCT and now LABU. Malaysia ni tak lah luas mana, airport dekat sebelah2. Kalau buat kat negeri lain aku boleh terima. Gile betul. Firefly nak lawan AirAsia. Tony tamak haloba. Kerajaan pulak dungu. WTF

    ps:adakah kita untung dari pembinaannya?

  15. “From my understanding, the new airport is private funding initiative (PFI) hence does not touch any of the tax payers money. ”

    It is disguised that way, so it appears that we, the clueless taxpayers will not need to pay a cent for the airport. Don’t fall for the canggih acrunym of ‘private finance initiative’. Privatisation? More like ‘piratisation’. Half baked truth.

    Private companies are not charities, someone will need to pay back all these investment monies one day, most probably taxpayers.

    It will be impossible that such an airport project of this size will not involve tax payersโ€™ money. Police, Immigration, Custom and Aviation officers will have to be stationed at KLIA-East. Who is going to pay? These are civil servants, for sure taxpayers pay (again)..

    How about the maintenance of the airport?Who is going to pay for that? Taxpayers, no doubt.

    A low cost carrier terminal is meant to serve low budget travellers, who want to spend as little as possible to get to their final destination.

    Studies will indicate that the majority of these travellers come from the Klang valley, which means that getting to Labu by taxi or bus may cost even more than the airfare itself. What a joke!

    I always find this ‘low cost carrier’ implementation a bit of a joke. If it’s really no frills service, the Mc Donald at LCCT should offer same pricing at the Mc Donalds at the town, and the food price on board should be really cheap, then only you can call it ‘cheap travel’. Ahaks!

    KLIA is capable to handle up to 100 million passengers based on its development plan. Currently, it is still lagging behind in the number of passengers, less than 50 million passengers. We (the people of Malaysia) have already invested RM10 billion into this KLIA facility. And we need another airport?

    Public’s funds may not be at stake, but the nation’s interests are.

  16. Mind you, I don’t like writing in great details. It’ll bore my readers. PFI.. from EPF? Can you profiteer from Airport tax? Get real. No.

  17. Orang tue tu… bangkang sebab ini ‘satu lagi projek dari Khairy and gang!’. Itu jer..

  18. Die jual roti je, susah la nak main crony2 dgn bakery.

  19. Either he deleted my comment or it was never sent properly. Oh well..

  20. fuh arep…lama aku tak jumpa ko…muakkakakka…ntah ko ingat lagi ke tak aku nii…wenkt mmg suka berangan !

  21. bro…comment ko ada la..dia lambat approve kot..siap Tony Airasia bagi comment lg…mmg tak leh blah…secara otomatik nyer aku dapat email Tony Fernandes n aku tahu dia guna streamyx jugak…haha

  22. ..tak cukup lapangan terbang lagi ke?
    just how many of us travel by plane each week that we need another airport? (or should i say.. kapal terbang cepat buruk aka xbley jalan ke sampai nak byk2? hohoho)
    so ridiculous!

    how about if they, make the KTM (now swasta but still the same name, right? i’m lazy to google lol) a better one?
    i mean.. airplane! how cheap is cheap enough??!!
    booking months in advance? like what.. you know when you’re gonna travel just like that?

    better instead of another lapangan terbang, make more of the LRT, KTM (whatever name) to all over Malaysia instead!
    why must have another airport if they can upgrade the public transport instead?
    airplanes, cars, buses, trains.. why must airplanes be the main thing?

  23. hebat la ko. jadi penasihat wenkt. kendian jd penasihat terminat tony yg SWOT die lom kasik akoo lg.

  24. tony datang kelate je la buat epot tue. 26 penerbangan sehari utk negeri yg tidak maju. apekah? haha. negeri2 len no komen la sbb akoo geram, negeri yg hanya bwh 10 penerbangan sehari leh jadikan epot nk g makkah? mengarut. politik!!!

  25. It seems they want loads of parking lots /huge terminal and not satisfied with the way MAB building them. Instead of new airport, perhaps they should consider (AA/Sime Darby) building new terminal or runaway within vast KLIA compound. This should be a win-win situation, to AA and MAB.

  26. tambah lot parking ajela..aku datang aritue. kena cari parking lebih setengah jam. itupun tunggu kete blah dr situ, barulah ada..

  27. “pennywise poundfoolish”
    just think about it.

  28. projek rm1.6bil ini ditolak kerajaan.

    kami dalam proses membuat rayuan.

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